March 2, 2012

March 4, 2012 at 10:40 PMKatie McGarry

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I had thought that I would write a blog posting about how I purchased my senior prom dress and, maybe, someday, I’ll share that story.

But life changed.

On Friday, March 2nd, a line of storms created an F-4 tornado that slammed the communities about twenty miles north of Louisville, about forty miles north of where I live.

For a week, the local meteorologists warned the community that a powerful line of storms would be impacting our area on Friday. Now, Kentucky isn’t Oklahoma or Kansas or what is typically known as tornado alley, but we’ve had our fair share of severe weather. Enough, that sometimes, I don’t particularly take notice.

But that morning, the meteorologist gained my attention when he said, “Folks, this isn’t one you want to mess around with. This is the same type of system we saw hit Tuscaloosa, AL last year.”

That sent chills down my spine. I had six children in the house. Six. Each a child I would easily lay my life down for. I checked flashlights and the radio. I hauled a pile of blankets and quilts down to the basement and powered up my cell phone.

For thirty minutes, I watched footage of how a tornado tore through several towns north of me, one of them Henryville, IN. Then the meteorologist called a tornado warning for the area where I lived.

The sirens sprang to life as my husband and I herded all six children down the stairs to the basement, handing each of them a blanket. We listened to the wind and rain pound the house and within a few minutes, we knew we were lucky. The worst of the storm passed us by.

I’m lucky. My family is lucky, but there are those out there that were pounded by this horrible storm. Some lost everything. I ask that you please watch the below video. See the damage for yourself.

If you are interested in helping those who lost everything, please visit: A $10 donation can also be made by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999.

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The countless heart breaking and raw...the footage and video brings you to tears...thank God for those donating and helping out through donations, time and prayer.....

United States Uncle Mark says:

Great job keping those kids safe. When I heard the weather updates I checked in with your Dad. He was prepared also. The traditional family way!

Go gators!

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