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December 17, 2012 at 10:40 AMKatie McGarry

I have to admit, sometimes I enjoy writing my secondary characters more than my main characters. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of love for my hero and heroine, but sometimes I come across a secondary character who steals my heart or just makes me laugh.

So what's the secret to writing secondary characters that pop off the page? Giving them their own backstory, goals, conflicts, and motivations. Like real life, we are not living in a bubble. Our friends and family have problems, issues, and dreams in life and our writing should reflect this. When we create secondary characters who reflect those around us, we make them real and therefore the reader will care for them as well.

Want to go deeper? Have your secondary characters' goals conflict with those of your hero/heroine. For instance, Beth loves Noah and Isaiah and will do anything to protect them and the small family the three of them have created. Echo is a threat to her world so therefore she pushes Noah on his relationship with Echo.

So I'm curious. Who is your favorite secondary character in Pushing the Limits or who is your favorite secondary character in any book?


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I adore Lila.  I love her sense of humor and her loyalty.  I'm not too sure about the guy in her life, though. I totally think she can do better.

United States katielmcgarry says:

I think Lila can do better too! Wink

Australia Pavan Hansra says:

Eeek my favourite secondary character has to be Isaiah!! He may seem like a bad boy but he also seems like an absolute sweetheart, can I have him PLEASE?????

I liked both Lila and Isaiah. I would to like to read Isaiah's story.

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