Happy First Birthday PUSHING THE LIMITS

August 6, 2013 at 9:28 AMKatie McGarry

Hi everyone!

Guess what? It has been one year since Pushing the Limits was released into the wild! What a fantastic year it has been! To celebrate Echo and Noah's first year of publication, I released on my website two more deleted scenes to a total of three.

The Kissing Scene I first released a few months ago. (A kiss between Noah and Echo)

The Popcorn Scene was released for a short time on the Harlequin blog, but this is the scene's first appearance on my blog. (Noah trying to make-up with Echo for an earlier fight, but Beth and Lila make life complicated.)

And the Pizza Scene....this is it's debut! (A stolen moment between Echo and Noah.)

Click here and let me know what you guys think of the deleted scenes!

And keep your eyes open....I'll be posting a giveaway for an ARC of Crash Into You very soon! Possibly next week!

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