Breaking the Rules

April 8, 2014 at 8:13 AMKatie McGarry

Hi everyone!

You guys have no idea how excited I am for this day to have arrived! I have sat on this news for months and it has been absolutely killing me, but this is it! Today is the day!

Drum roll please…

I am continuing Echo and Noah’s story!

In BREAKING THE RULES, Katie McGarry continues the story of Echo Emerson and Noah Hutchinson (PUSHING THE LIMITS) as the pair set out on a road trip so Echo can chase her dream of becoming an artist and for Noah to meet his remaining blood relatives, but as the realities of the world outside the walls of high school begin to press down on Echo and Noah the couple tries to discover if their love is strong enough to survive.

BREAKING THE RULES is a full length novel that starts a month or so into the trip Echo and Noah take after they graduated from high school. The time period of this book is between PUSHING THE LIMITS and DARE YOU TO.

BREAKING THE RULES will be released through Harlequin Teen in paperback and e-book formats on December 30, 2014 in North America. It will also be available in the United Kingdom and Australia around the same time period.

What’s even more exciting? There will be a brief teaser of BREAKING THE RULES in the back of TAKE ME ON (release date: May 27, 2014)!

“But, Katie,” you say. “We can’t wait that long for an excerpt.”

Never fear! I will be taking part in a Twitter party hosted by @harlequinTEEN on Wednesday, April 23rd from 7:00-8:00 pm EST. If you join the TAKE ME ON Twitter party, you will be able to download limited exclusive content from BREAKING THE RULES for free that night.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this excerpt. It’s from Noah’s point of view!

Who is excited for more Echo and Noah? Tell me below in the comments!



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YAY!!!!! And that's all I have to say Smile


YAY!!!! I'm so excited!!!! That wait is wayyy too long!!!  Now maybe anlther full length book of Ryan and Beth please? Laughing

Brazil Aline Nery Servilha Bonetto says:

I'm so excited! I can't wait!

Australia Christelle Radley says:

I am so excited!! Omg. Dates have been marked in my calender!!! ARRR XD

United States Tradermare says:

This is awesome news! Looking forward to this very much!  Thanks!

OMG! I have been wanting to read a story about Noah and Echo's road trip. I was nervous about there being a sequel because I know that usually means more drama but since this is taking place between Pushing the Limits and Dare You To that makes me feel better about it. I hope there is a phone conversation or a few with Isaiah, Beth and with Lila. I am still a little nervous though but I know everything is good between them in Crash into You so that makes me less nervous and it seems more like a companion novel. I have been wanting to read about their roadtrip ever since the end of Pushing the Limits. It will be interesting to see Noah meet his family because I think his parents didn't really speak to them (if I remember correctly?)

I'd love to read a short story or novella about Isaiah meeting his relatives someday too!

United States Sarah/app says:


But if it's a road trip that means we don't get more background characters we already know and love?

Maybe there will be phone conversations like Lila and Echo had that phone conversation in Crossing the Line. Plus, Noah promised to call his brothers and send them care packages. I's love to get a Noah/Isaiah phone convo.

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:

DUUUDE! Seriously?! Oh ma gawd I'm soooo excited! Echo and Noah's my ultimate favorite of the series. Thanks for continuing their journey, Katie! I really appreciate it. Smile *hugs*

United States sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books says:

So excited!!!!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEp!!!!! Oh M Gee!!! I want to go run in the meadows and SCREAM from the roof tops! This.Is.Epic!! I LOVED ECHO & NOAH so Hard!! I've missed them sooooo much!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeep! This is so Oh M Gee I canNOT believe it!!! Noah and Echo are my Fav!!!

Katie!!! Screams and Jumps Around!!

I am so so so soooooo excited about this!! With Noah and Echo I fell in love with you and your writing and these characters are so dear to my heart, that I can't wait to read more about them!


I don't have twitter so I won't be able to see the Noah excerpt Frown

This is ridiculous news!!!!!!!  I can't believe it!!  I was going nuts trying to figure out what the big news might be.. but THIS!!!  This is craaaazy!!  I am so so excited to get more of Noah & Echo--- and SO SOON!!  December 2014!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

United States SM Craig says:

I am so glad you decided to continue this story!  Can't wait to hear more from Noah and Echo....

Italy Frannie Panglossa says:

OMG, I'm so freakin excited for this! It's the best news you could have given my, seriously!! *_*

OMG, I'm so happy! Can't wait to read more from Noah and Echo, I love them so very much. And even if I'll read it in English, I hope that it will be published in Italy too for all of your Italian readers.

Lots of love,


I loved Pushing the Limits!I'm very happy that you will make the continuation of the story.

(Sorry if sentence is incoherent. I don't write or speak English very well).

Canada Jennifer says:

i already cried on twitter but i'll cry here. this is amazing news!! I can't wait to read it since i was dying when there were hints of them in crash into you. 2014 became a great year with all of your fantastic releases Smile keep writing!

Ireland Gráinne Hamill says:

Tears were in my eyes! I am so excited, I feel like excited is such an understatement aswell! Honestly don't know how to express the emotions I'm feeling right now!

Hello Katie, hello to all, I loved Pushing The Limits and the two protagonists Echo and Noah. Here in Italy, the novel has only been released in January 2014, I hope that this time it translated as soon as possible. There are many like me who your Italian fans are eager to know how is their life. A big hug and thank you for giving us an unforgettable book! ps: it would be nice to make a film ...

Israel Reem Hardan says:

This is so exciting i could dieee!!!

More Echo & Noah! Fangirl squee! But December? How will I fill the time until then?

United States lauren salinas says:


HOLY FREAKING GOD. MORE NOAH AND ECHO. I'M GOING TO DIE. KATIE YOU'RE AWESOME. I hope to see more of Ryan and Beth! Good luck with everything, Katie Smile

I've already created a countdown calendar! 266 Days to go!  

I am so totally excited Smile

(plus just 49 days Take Me On!)

Thank you!!!So excited!!!!

I was hoping this would be announced one day. So many times when I see "Pushing the Limit" on my shelf, I start to wonder how their story would continue if they had another book. Can't wait Smile

United States Bethany Averie says:

This is so awesome. You've come so far and it's just been wonderful to watch and experience (hey I own and have read AND enjoyed everything you've published so far). I can't believe I got a chance to share in your journey--it seems ages ago since I made that phone call to you as the YA Category Chair for the NWHRWA Lone Star Contest letting you know PUSHING THE LIMITS had finaled. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of touching base with you (no matter how briefly!) and you're just as sweet now as you were then. Congratulations on this new Noah/Echo story! I'm looking forward to it! Best wishes on this, TAKE ME ON, and future stories! Smile

Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I know what I'm getting for a Christmas present to myself! ;D So so happy about this! Love the original OTP! Countdown is on!

Sooooo exciting. Cannot wait!!!

Their strength is an example of how to deal with life's obstacles. Rarely has a book left me so many lessons and made me empathize so much with the protagonists, especially Noah, for obvious reasons. I hope to meet from one day, a girl like Echo Emerson because for someone like her, really worth to push the limtits...

Yay! i'm excited to read this! I also think you should do a short story on ryan and beth! please, please, please, i love ryan and beth reminds me so much of myself!

Australia Sally Pritchard says:

Im making weird squeally noises im so excited! AAHH! YAY!

Bulgaria Ellie @ Ellie Reads Fiction says:

It's a tie between Noah and Isaiah Smile

Bulgaria Ellie @ Ellie Reads Fiction says:

It's a tie between Noah and Isaiah Smile

Bulgaria Ellie @ Ellie Reads Fiction says:

It's a tie between Noah and Isaiah Smile

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