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April 12, 2014 at 11:56 AMKatie McGarry


Exciting news: I'm giving away a signed copy of Take Me On! But before I get to that, lets talk about West.

Whenever people ask me about West Young, I typically give the following answer:

West Young is a hot mess and I love every inch of him.

Every part of that statement is true. West is gorgeous, a senior in high school, the third of five children, and he’s also the son of one of the wealthiest men in the state of Kentucky. He goes to the best schools and has the best clothes and he should have an absolutely perfect life, but he doesn’t.

From the moment I first met West in CRASH INTO YOU, I hurt for him. West’s parents had three children. One was dying of cancer, so they decided to have more children—they decided they wanted another girl. West was the first result of that goal. How do you think this makes him feel? Wanted? Not wanted? Like a byproduct?

West feels deeply—very deeply with all his emotions. When he loves he loves and when he hurts he hurts and when he gets angry, West has no problem throwing a fist into some guy’s face. Combine all of this and that’s how I knew that West had a story to tell.  

He loves his sister Rachel, more than anyone can comprehend, and what happens to her in CRASH INTO YOU greatly affects him. So much so that West’s story, TAKE ME ON, takes place during the three-month gap between events in CRASH INTO YOU.  To be exact, it begins one week after a major turning point in CRASH INTO YOU.

There are certain subjects that I decided to tackle in TAKE ME ON that were hard for me to write about. TAKE ME ON is a very emotional book for me and it is a story that hurt to tell, but one that I am so proud that I did.  This one is special to me. It took a lot of strength and courage to write and I’m ready for West and Haley’s story to be out in the world.

Because TAKE ME ON needed to take place during the period of time that was fast-forwarded through in CRASH INTO YOU, I knew that I either told West’s story immediately after CRASH INTO YOU or his story would never be told. It needed to be told.

I needed to tell it.

Can TAKE ME ON be read as a stand-alone? Yes, I write all my books so that you can read them without having to read the others. You won’t be lost if you haven’t read the rest of the series beforehand. It may be interesting to see how the characters progress from one book to the next, but as I said, it’s not a necessity.

For those of you who want more Isaiah and Rachel, they are so in there. You’ll get peeks of what they went through during those harrowing three months.  And for my Abby fans—you might be pleased to know she plays a huge role in TAKE ME ON.

Why West? Because he’s a hot mess and I love every inch of him. Because he has a very emotional story that deserves to be told. I can’t wait for all of you to read TAKE ME ON when it’s released on May 27, 2014!

Pre-Order TAKE ME ON:  Amazon|BAM|Barnes&Nobles|BookDepository|Indie

Now for the giveaway. There will be no print advance reviewer copies of TAKE ME ON. I do *believe* that there will be copies available on Netgalley a few weeks before the release. But would you like a copy of Take Me On before then? Here is your chance. I just received my print copies and I'm so excited that I'm giving one away now. As a bonus, I'm also giving away a poster of the cover of TAKE ME ON! This giveaway is open internationally.

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That is a really hard question! I like all of the characters, but I suppose my favorite is Echo.

Canada Brittany D Piazza says:

I can't wait to read this!  I love this series!

United States Jen aka cupcakegirly says:

Isaiah is my favorite. Laughing

United States Beth Finkelstein says:

would love to win!

I love love love all of the characters and their various relationships, but Noah and Echo are by far my favorite and I CANNOT wait for their story to continue!

Argentina Carolina says:

I LOVE Isaiah...he is sooo perfect! ?

Isiah stole my heart in Crash into you!

United States Heidi Keil says:

I have always loved Echo. She's given me strength to no longer hide my own scars I have on my arms and I just love her for being a strong character.

Noah is my favorite he was the first in the series and has stuck with me and I live him appearing in books after.

I can't possibly chose! I love every single one of them but I'm really excited to read Noah and Echo again!!

United States mary Sanchez Cortez says:

Love West cant wait


Brazil Clara Sampaio says:

Such a hard decision! But I must say Rachel, I just identified with her. And I can't get enough of her and Isaiah. I've already read Crash Into You more than 3 times !!

West and Rachel. Smile

Definitely Noah!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing

Gosh... I think I'd have to say that Echo's my favorite character so far.

Thanks for the giveaway!

United States Jessie H. says:

Um... I love them all but Isaiah is my favorite!

So many that I love. But I will say that I really grew to love Ryan. And I love Isaiah. And I really enjoyed Lincoln. Apparently I love the boys!

Canada Kaley @ Books Etc. says:

I can't quite decide between Noah and Ryan. Noah is a bad boy with a heart of gold. In fact, I don't even really liked calling him a bad boy because I don't think he is. I was drawn to Ryan because he's a ball player and I'm dating a ball player. They're hot. And he seemed like a really good guy, too. Don't make me choose!

United States Jennifer Anderson says:

Sign me up! Counting down the minutes!

My favorite character in the Pushing the Limits series is Isaiah.

United States sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books says:

So hard to choose because I love all the characters for different reasons. I think I need to go with Isaiah though. Thanks for the giveaway!

Australia Adele Smith says:

I have a real soft spot for Isaiah. I have to admit though, having been introduced to Logan in 'Dare You To' I was really drawn to him and loved meeting him again in 'Crash Into You'. Would love to learn why he feels the need to continually take the risks he does. With the little I know about Logan I feel he could easily insert himself into my heart.

This is such a hard question! It is definitely between Noah and Isaiah. I'm just going to have to say Isaiah. I have loved him since Pushing the Limits and in Dare you to, I wanted to just hold him and tell him it would be ok! Crash into you is my favourite book of the whole series!

It's hard to pick just one, so far my favorites have been Noah and Isaiah. I love them!!

Take Me On. I can only imagine the awesomeness of this book! Swoon! For West

I love Noah.

United States Alyssia S. says:

Just finished Crash Into You so as of right now my favorite character is probably Abby... it will most likely change once I read Take Me On but Abby for now (:

Love Isaiah!

United States Meredith M. says:

Definitely Isaiah! He's such an adorable bad boy! He's DEFINITELY Book Boyfriend material - and I only have, like, 2 other book boyfriends! So when I add someone to that list, it's for real!

Thanks for an AMAZING giveaway and congrats!!!!

Isaiah for sure! He is so perfect.

Thanks for the giveaway! Isaiah is my favorite. i share his love for cars especially mustangs. <3

United States Bethany Averie says:

I'm not sure who is my favorite. I guess Noah or Ryan for male characters. For female, Echo or Rachel. Who is your favorite, Katie? Is it West?

United States Michaela Ramsey says:

I love all of the characters, but I'd have to say that Isaiah is my favorite so far! He's just...special. Smile

United States Nancy Lopez says:

I first fell in love with Noah, at least, he was the only one until I met Isaiah... dreamy sigh* I love those two SO MUCH! No matter how much I love Isaiah, I think Noah will always be the first.

United States Christina Wofford says:

So far, I really loved Lila and Lincoln's story. I think if I had to pick a favorite of the two of them, I would pick Lincoln. Their story made my heart melt!

Awesome giveaway and I would love, love, love to win this book!! Thank you for the chance!

Without a doubt, Noah has been my favorite throughout the whole series!

Philippines Seth Sinclair says:

NOAH! I absolutely love  the whole series but Noah and Echo's story will always be my favoriteSmile

Philippines Anjeli D. says:

Noah Hutchins. I am totally biased. I love all of  your characters but Noah... Noah has a special place in my heart since he's the very first character from your books that I fell in love with. And this just reminded me of Breaking The Rules. OMG. I cannot wait for it! I missed Noah and Echo so much! And of course, I'm so excited for Take Me On.. May 27th can't come any faster!

United States Jessica @ Step Into Fiction says:

Impossible to pick a character. I love them all. I do have a special fondness of Ethan. And I'd love to see his story one day. But I'm okay with reading about him in other people's story (like Crash Into You) and I'm sure he's in this one as well.

United States Nicole@ The More the Merrier says:

I would have to say choosing my favorite is not easy but I'm going to go with Isaiah.


United Kingdom Kendall McCubbin says:

It's hard to pick a favourite character, so I'm going to pick a couple lol! My favourite couple so far has been Noah and Echo! I love all the characters though!

Ireland Emma Gillis says:

Hard to choose a favourite! It's weird..in pushing the limits, I don't like Beth. But then in dare you too, I love Beth and dislike Isaiah. In crash into you I adore Isaiah and I go back to not liking Beth so much! Noah is the most consistent for me so he's probably my favourite!

Echo is my favourite character, as well as Noah. That's why I'm so excited for BREAKING THE RULES.

Italy Frannie Panglossa says:

He was the first, so I have a special bond with him!
Still, I love them all! They're all great in their own way and everytime tears and broken hearts and sighs and eventually smiles!!

I really really love Noah but there's something special about Isaiah. I don't know something about him makes my heart beat faster.

Portugal Margarida says:

Isaiah!! *-* I love him

Philippines Madeleine Crespo says:

Isaiah!! Smile

Spain Inma Delgado says:

I really in love with Ryan <3

Favorite character will have to be Beth

United States Susan Light says:

Isaiah but I feel like West may give him a run for his money!

Isaiah is my favourite. After standing by Noah, being messed around so much by Beth, I was so happy for him in Crash Into You. Abby is a close second. I'm really glad she'll play a part in this one!

Beth, Beth, a million times over!  But really, I like them all!  

So far.... I think Isaiah but I love them all and I'm definitely looking forward to West's story and also more of Abby!

United States Sarah / appifanie says:

I'm going to have to go with Isaiah Smile


Australia Kelly @Diva Booknerd says:

Please stop entering people, how the he'll am I supposed to win?

Echo. The girl not only paved the way and set the tone for the series, buy she's tough, determined and a fighter.

My favourite character is Noah. Thanks for the chance & good luck everyone!

United States Stephanie L. says:

I like all of the characters for different reasons...but Isaiah holds a special place in my heart. Smile

Beth has always been my favourite!

Isaiah is my favorite ^_^

Philippines Patricia Zamora says:

ISAIAH!! LaughingD

Philippines Patricia Zamora says:

Isaiah!! Laughing

Philippines Patricia Zamora says:

Isaiah!! Smile

My favourite character is probably Noah. They are all so well written, it's hard to decide though. I can imagine that West will be a great character too. I can't wait for 'Take me on'

Isaiah is definitely my favourite! He is such a sweetheart! Can't wait to see more of him in Take Me On!

Belgium Annelies says:

At first I thought Noah was my favourite charachter, but while reading Crash Into You, Isaiah won my heart. I'm curious to know how Wes will affect me Smile

Belgium Annelies says:

*West (damn keyboard)

Canada Chenise Jones says:

Definitely have a soft spot for Noah!

Canada Chenise Jones says:

Definitely have a soft spot for Noah!

United States Elyssa Marie Mesias says:

I am a big fan of this series! I am so happy that Take Me On is coming out pretty soon and of course, this giveaway! How can I possibly resist?

My favorite character would have to be Isaiah! Isaiah all the way! That stunning guy, from head to toe. I absolutely love, love, love his POV in the story, the way he calls Rachel 'angel'... *sigh*... he can make me swoon anyday!

Noah Laughing

Philippines Dianne CG says:

Noah! <3

United States Danielle Nguyen says:

I adore Noah & Echo!

Isaiah really won me over in Crash Into You Smile

I love all your books. I can't wait Smile


Oh and my favourite character is Echo. She's badass Smile
My favourite male character is Isaiah Smile



United States Ali Harville says:

Hearing how emotional this was for you to write, I know I will cry while reading it.  

I'm very happy and excited for you to have written a book that means so much to you, and I'm very happy and excited for me to get to read it!

United States Ali Harville says:

My favorite character of the whole series so far is Abby!



Australia Kristy Nguyen says:

Abby I love Abby! I hope she gets with someone soon!


United States Jessica M. says:

Ryan Stone. Hands down. I just love him to death! I am such a sucker for baseball players!

United States Felicia D says:

My favorite character is Abby

Gotta go with Noah Hutchins  <3

United States Karina Romano says:

I think my favorite character would be Echo or Abby. I can't choose Laughing

Looking forward to the book.



United States Christy @TheReaderBee says:

Isaiah is my favorite!! So swoon-worthy. ;)

Brazil leticia o says:

It's Isaiah, for sure. But I have to say I find Rachel's mom very interesting, too.


Can I have two? Because it's so hard to choose between Noah and Isaiah. I love them both and I love their relationship with each other.

United States Jerica Enriquez says:

My favorite out of the series would have to be Abby!! She is street smart, carful and knows how to stand up for herself!

EKKKKK! I cant wait for it to come out! Im so excited!

I loved Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, and Crash into You. For such big books they were so hard to put down. I can't wait to read Take Me On.

My favorite character is hands down Isaiah. I just fell in love with him in all of the books!

Hard one until Crash Into You it was Noah, now it's a toss up between Noah and Isaiah.

I cannot wait to read this book. I think I'm already in love with West

Thank you so much for these books. I have many former non-readers hooked on your books (both boys and girls).

United States Rachel Bostick says:

I love all the characters but Isaiah is probably my favorite. He is totally swoon worthy in Crash into You ^-^

I love all the characters! I really like Echo, Rachel, and Isaiah.

My favorite character has definitely been Abby because she is just such a fun character and I love the way that she was developed in Crash into You. The first time she made an appearance, I thought I was going to hate her, but (as Rachel has said) she definitely grows on you and I have really started to love her personality. I CAN'T wait to find out more about her in the next books and I really hope she gets her own story.

Mexico María Fernanda García says:

It's a really hard questions! how could I choose one of them? mmmmm I love Noah is my firts love <3 but this time I choose Isaiah... thank's for the giveaway

United States Whitney S. says:

Noah and Echo!!! I cannot wait for Breaking the Rules!!

Australia Abbey McNaughton says:

I can not wait to read Take Me On. I loved West in Crash Into You and can't wait to look into his thoughts.

Beth is my favorite.  I relate to her and hurt for her and want to give her a giant bear hug and be her friend.

Of course I love them all. Smile

GAH!! I don't know I love them all, but my favorite might be Logan... maybe Ethan. I don't know. But Ethan and Abby should definitely get together.

Mexico Silvana Reyes says:

Echo! She was the first to made me fall in love with your books so she has a pretty special place in my heart.

Noah <3

Oh my god! I love this series! I'm already in love with West! Him and Noah. Noah is amazing too.

I cant wait to read this ! I love echo and rachel all time faves

Philippines Patricia Zamora says:

Isaiah! :")

EEK! LIterally just freaked out my mum and one of my best friends with my excitement!!!
My Fav character so far has probably been Logan partially because thats my favourite name for a boy but also because he is a total daredevil and risk taker I wish I could be like that <3

cant wait to read this book

cant wait to read this book!!! I would say Echo also Beth

Switzerland Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews says:

I am so looking forward to delving back into this amazing universe! Thanks for writing such beautiful and harsh stories for us.

Switzerland Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews says:

I am so looking forward to delving back into this amazing universe! Thanks for writing such beautiful and harsh stories for us.

Switzerland Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews says:

YAY, I can't wait! Thanks for always writing such amazing stories for us Smile

Slovenia Alexandra A says:

Noah has my heart <3 ;)

Bulgaria Ellie @ Ellie Reads Fiction says:

It's a tie between Noah and Isaiah Smile

I'm so excited to see what's to come, I absolutely love these books Laughing

WOOHOO! I can't wait for take me on!!

I love all the characters, but I relate more to Rachel. She found out how brave she really is & fought for the things that were important to her.

United States Teresa Mary Rose says:

Noah! He will always be my favorite!

United States Jeannette says:

I loved Isaiah.  He was the perfect of combination of hard & soft, graceful yet flawed.


(I would love an Abby/Logan story) just saying...


My favourite character has been Noah Smile

There is no such thing as a favorite when it comes to this series. I LOVE THEM ALL. <3 (But I love Ryan more than Noah and Isaiah. Possibly.)

United States Tiffany Fowler says:

I think my favorite character would be Echo. She is so strong and brave and I look up to her.

Canada Brittanie says:

Echo is my favorite!

United States Amanda Thompson says:

Echo is my favorite, I really relate to her.. but, I absolutely LOVE all of them. haha.

I am so excited!!! Like little kid on Christmas Eve, excited!! I loved Rachel and Isaiah. I can't wait for Take Me On and whatever book will come out next. I hope it will be about Logan...????  


United States Danielle Gieringer says:

When I read Pushing The Limits and Dare You To my favorite was Noah, but since reading Crash Into You it is tied with Noah and Isiah.

United States Janelle leonard says:

Can't wait to read! Loving all your characters and their stories. Keep them coming! PLEASE! Smile

That is really hard, but I love Echo & Noah since I read their book first Smile

I love Dare to you so its Rachel Smile

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:


Not only because he's such a hottie with big heart, but also I admire her as a brother. He's very responsible with his brothers and it's a rare quality from high-schooler dude, right? My favorite line from him;

<i>"I want my brothers back. I just want my family back."</i>

I LOVE this series and can't wait to read this book!

I can't possibly choose but i'm just gonna say Isaiah! But I love all the other characters as well!

It's hard to pick a favorite character but I think that Noah/Echo and Isaiah will always be my favorites because they were in the first book and got me hooked on the series. I adored Rachel in CIY. There are so many great characters in the series and every book more great characters are added and I end up wanting stories for them.

I am gald that West story is taking place along the time line of Crash into You. At the end of Crash into You the story skips ahead like three months. There is a three month gap that is missing so I am glad that we will get to see those missing months and get some of those gaps filled in. Rachel said that West and Isaiah came to an understanding in CIY so it will be nice to see that explored more in this story. It would be nice to see some bonding between Isaiah and West. I love love love Isaiah so much even more after Crach into You. Abby is awesome. I want her to get a story with either Ethan or Logan. I think Logan might be a better match than Ethan. Abby is such a unique character. she's really interesting.

United States Amber Hughes says:

That's a hard question! I'm going to go with Noah, but Isaiah is a close second! Smile

United States Candelaria says:

I really don't want to choose because I love them all, but the one character who stood out the most to me was Abby and I really want her to have a story of her own.

Noah & Ryan.

Isaiah!! And maybe Rachel. And maybe Echo....

AGH!! I can't choose! Can't just choose all three of them?!!

definitely Beth! I loved her story so much

Philippines Diana Terrado says:

It would be Noah <3

Love love LOVE Noah the most! ? ? ? He's my first and eternal love from the series, lol! You know what they say about first love - you fall the hardest and Noah totally stole my heart! Can't wait to "meet" West in Take Me On!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I have to give you my favorites of each gender, because I can't choose between them.

Favorite male is Noah, hands down.  I just love him.

And Female, while I loved Echo, Rachel touched my heart more, so of course she tops out as my fave.

United States bridget bernazzani says:

can't wait to read this all Katie's books are amazing

United States bridget bernazzani says:

can't wait to read this!!

Switzerland Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews says:

My fave is Noah...


Thank you for the giveaway chance, it's very kind of you to offer a free copy of Take Me On. My favorite character was Beth from Dare You To, but I also loved Noah and Isaiah!

how do you choose a favourite character, everything character Katie Mcgarry creates pulls at your heartstrings or at least makes you feel something, however, noah and echo are such beautiful characters


Italy Giulia A. says:

Echo is my favorite! I really like her Smile
Thanks for the chance.

Philippines Anne Anne says:

Noah!!!! <3

My favourite character out of the series is definitely Isaiah Laughing but oooooh Abby was a close 2nd.

You write such great and distinct characters it's so hard to choose!

Brazil Desiree Coelho says:

This is not a fare question. I love them all. But I will go with Logan. Can get enough of fearless characters.

Favorite character: That's a tough one! So hard to chose just one... it's a toss-up between Noah and Isaiah. <3

Isaiah is my favorite Katie McGarry character so far!

isaiah! a little broken but so protective of those he loves

United States Jenn Benando says:

My favorite character has to be Noah. Thanks for the chance!!

My favorite character is Ryan because for me, Beth is the most difficult character in the series, and he was patient enough to make her learn to trust him. Smile


India Anukriti Garg says:

I can't wait to read Take Me On! I hope we get see Isaiah and Rachel. ^_^


I love ALL your characters--and I am SO excited for West's story!  Counting down the days!

United States Laura Jones says:

Isaiah is definitely my favorite character. His story was amazing, and I just think he is the best book boyfriend ever.
Thanks for this giveaway!

Picking a favorite is really hard!! Probably a tie between Noah and Isaiah. But I'm still waiting for Logan's book, so he may be the one Smile

i LOVE LOVE LOVE Noah!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway Smile

Out of the main chara ters, I'm quite partial to Ryan, but my favorite character in the whole series is LOGAN. I love him!

Isaiah, and Abby <3

I do love all the characters though, but they are the ones that I love the most

This is such an awesome giveaway btw!, I would die if I won!

Noah <3

United Kingdom Sandra "Jeanz" says:

Throughout all the books he appears in my favourite character would have to be Isaiah, he is so complex, a hard exterior but hey what a gorgeous soft centre her has too.


Thank you for the giveawaty.

United States Miranda E. says:

Gah! Katie, why do you torture me by choosing one character?! Ah! Well, if I had to choose one character, I have to go with Ryan Stone, from Dare You To. And look, I even wrote a tumblr post about it Smile

Noah: Always Noah<3

Philippines Maria Theresa Santos says:

I have not read the series yet

Honduras Tatiana Escobar says:

my favorite character is..... Isaiah. <3

My favourite character is Isaiah too! <3

United States ELISSA CABRERA says:

My favorite character is Noah with Isaiah being a very close second...more like 1.5 =)

Egypt Aliaa El-Nashar says:

It's probably Noah, but Ryan is a close second. I just love them all though <3

Philippines Roselle Torres says:

I love Isaiah!!! <3

Philippines Jahzara Zion says:

NOAH!!! Smile

I really liked West and Rachel. I loved their sibling relationship and bond. It just warmed my heart and also made me laugh at times.

United States Katherine Lu says:

My favorite character is Echo!

Isaiah, and Abby <3

I do love all the characters though, but they are the ones that I love the most

This is such an awesome giveaway btw!, I would die if I won!

Isaiah, and Abby <3

I do love all the characters though, but they are the ones that I love the most

This is such an awesome giveaway btw!, I would die if I won!

Isaiah, and Abby <3

I do love all the characters though, but they are the ones that I love the most

This is such an awesome giveaway btw!, I would die if I won!

Argentina María Sánchez says:

It's hard to pick between them because i love them so much, but my favorites are Ryan and Isaiah. I love Ryan and Isaiah's patience, i love how they protect the ones they love and how loyal they are. WHY DO THEY DON'T EXIST?

Canada Caitlin L says:

I think my favourite character is Ryan. I found him really interesting and sweet. I loved how he treated Beth and showed her love.

Oh dear gods, I'm so excited for this book to come out! Posi-tute-ly adored the others!


Btw, I love Isaiah and Beth! I just love their personality ??

Spain Patricia Lopez @ TUABFC says:

Isaiah!!! I think his story helped with my decision. However, I will have to wait to make my final final decision after reading West's story ^^

Thanks for the international giveaway Smile

Haven`t read this series yet, but I have it on my TBR.

Ecuador Andrea Romero says:

Beth ..... and Noah <3 *.*

OMG can't wait to read this one, thanks for the give away!

United States Devin Norwood says:

Isiah has my heat <3

United States Camille Campbell says:

I love this series I hope it never ends. I can't wait for West's story and Echo and Noah's. Waiting is so hard. All these books are amazing. Even though I didn't think West next, I'm good.

United States Cheyenne Joslyn says:

I love Isaiah, he's straight forward and a badass but a good person. I can not wait for West's story! I loved him in Crash Into You!

I just started reading Dare You To, so I have to say Noah is my fav so far. But I have a feeling Ryan is going to be right up there with him!!

Australia Sasha Fucile says:

My favourite character is definitely Noah! I have read Dare You To over and over again and fall in love with him harder each time

My favorite character would be Logan, being the hot adrenaline junkie that he is makes him fascinating to me!

all of them is an option? haha not but seriously isaiah is my favorite Laughing


United States Samantha Lashley says:

I'm so excited I don't have the words to describe my level of excitement.

Yo también lo quiero, Katie *________________*.

Estoy impaciente por leer la novela de West y por conocer a su amada ^o^, y también por tener más de una de mis parejas favoritas, Isaiah y Rachel *_______*

United States BrooklynShoeBabe says:

My favorite character was Echo. She was so complicated, and I think she had one of the best character arcs.

Rachel! Smile

United States Catherine says:

It's impossible to choose just one. I love all of them! Laughing

My favorite character would be Noah. He's like a big brother to Beth and Isaiah.

United States Kelly L. says:

Ryan! I LOVE the way he treats Beth. <3

United States Samantha Newman says:

Ryan Stone. I fell in love with him in just  a few pages and haven't given up on him yet. He's such a sweetheart and he's definitely the best.

Canada Jennifer H says:

I can't wait for this to get released! I feel like there could be so much more to West's character that we didn't get to see in Crash into You. He's portrayed as a playboy but loves Rachel. I know he's going to be a real charmer to Haley but at the same time, he's going to be the sweetest angel.

United States Samantha says:

Isaiah is definitely my favorite. I love him and Rachel together!

Well I love all the characters in this series, but my absolute favorite is Isaiah!  

United States Jaime arkin says:

Noah still owns my heart!!

Thank you for the giveaway!

Ireland Yvonne ShadowRealm says:

I haven't read Crash Into You yet but what I've seen of Isaiah I've loved!

Mexico sandra sanchez says:

I really don't know who's my favorite bc each time I read one of your books I say: hey I got a new fave, I'm so in love with him but then the other guy came and I say the same, is just that I like them all and they're so different but certainly the all make me fall in love with them, their past and the way the react to life is awesome so I can't answer who's the one I love the most bc they all have a little bit of my heart Smile

United States Kendra McCormick says:

I love them all, but I am partial to Ryan and Beth. And Logan. And Abby.

Croatia _Sandra_ says:

It's a tie between Noah and Isaiah, looove them both! Smile

Ireland Gráinne Hamill says:

Beth <3

United States Claudia Mancilla says:

Yay! Working on the Echo and Noah's book now.

My favourite character right now is probably Abby! I just love how she weighed loyalties and sided with her friends. Hopefully we'll get to see more about her and Rachel Laughing

Bunnies. I like bunnies. Seriously that girl needs her own book!!!!!!!!

United States aisha oaktree says:

My fave character has always been Isaiah, he's just so amazing!!

My favorite character of the whole series was Isaiah. I felt him to be very brave and protective. Also he we was a very good bad boy.

Canada Shunthusja says:

I absolutely love Noah! His character is seen as a bad boy from the exterior but has a heart of gold.

United States Jackie H. says:

Noah and Echo are still my favorite couple, but I think Isaiah is my favorite character!

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