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January 2, 2015 at 12:41 PMKatie McGarry
Hi everyone!
I received something amazing in the mail--2 print copies of the Australian edition of Breaking the Rules.
I'm not sure I can find words for what it feels like to hold a copy of a book I wrote, especially this book. It takes a lot of hard work to write a book. More hours, weeks, months and years than anyone can comprehend. It's not only the time it takes to write a book, but the amount of myself and emotion I put into the book as well. My written words, they are a part of my soul and I've chosen to share that part with you, my readers. 
Echo and Noah--they mean a lot to me. I gave them so many of my hurts and I desperately need them to have their happy-ever-after. If they can make it, maybe I can make it in this harsh world, too. 
A few years ago, I wrote Pushing the Limits and I was so honored when I was granted a publishing contract. Never in a million years did I think Echo and Noah's story would touch so many lives. Never did I imagine that my publishing career would take off like it did. 
I need to give a thank you for where it is due--to you, my readers. It is because of you I get to continue to write my stories. As a thank you, I'm giving away one of my two print copies of Breaking the Rules, Aires' Dog Tags, and a Breaking the Rules poster.
This is open internationally.

Thank you so much for your love and support. I have the best readers ever! 

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My family or well my Dad's brittany spaniel had a very unique name, Norton which I call him Norte for short. I have always said that I want to have a Female Brittany  when I'm more settle down and I would want to name it Nori because it's similar to Norte and it gives that reminder that even though Norte isn't with us, he is still in our memory.  

I think Echo and Noah will name their pet something like Thunder or Rain. Laughing Thank you for this giveaway and good luck everyone!

Brazil Clara Sampaio says:

They could name it Aires or ask for Noah's brothers to choose a name. I have a dog named Snoopy and a cat named Nina. Anyway, can't wait to read Braking the Rules! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!

If I had a dog, I would name it Yuki.

United States Karalee Rivera says:

I love your books so much! They are amazing and I was so absolutely thrilled when I found out about Breaking the Rules!
Thank you for sharing your writings with the world. I am eagerly awaiting your next series and will be in stores bright and early when the first book is released.
Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!;)

United States Charli Henry says:

I havnt read the book yet because I was in the middle of a series and it's been eating me alive since it came out I can't wait to read it !! It's amazing that Katy put her own feelings and struggles into Echo and it brings a whole new meaning to the book just the fact that it's not all fiction but that it's someone's life as well ... Do i can't wait to read breaking the rules ??

Congratulations Katie, YOU ARE A FANTASTIC WRITER and you deserve it because all the hard work you do.
Thanks for this giveaway!

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:

I always love the name "midnight", though I actually named my cat Chip. Haha.

United Kingdom Clare Flack says:

I would love to call a puppy Sammy. So they could call the puppy that. thank you so much for the chance.

I want this book so bad! I think I might have cried when I heard it wasn't available in paper back lol. Mom called it "bookworm problems" and hugged me ????

Hungary Zsófia Szántó says:

Dear Katie,
I'm so happy, I love Pushing the Limits series!
I hope, I will win something, these are excellent things! Smile

Well, I would love to hsave a dog and his name would be something like 'Maco' which in english means Teddy.

United States Alexandra Mihaila says:

Hope, although I would name mine Jax...

Thanks for the chance! They should call it Apollo)

United States Jenni Fogle says:

I think Noah would insist that Jacob/Tyler name the puppy.

Hungary Beatrix Szatmari says:

Thanks for the opportunitySmile Love your books<3 I would name their puppy Zeus Smile

Hungary Beatrix Szatmari says:

I think Zeus would be a great name)

If I could, I that I would name him Leo or.. Noah, depending on his personality.

United States Areej Aljishi says:

I am so excited to read Breaking the Rules and the rest to come!

Italy Giulia A. says:

What about Dorian? Laughing

Thanks a lot for doing this giveaway! I love breaking the rules so bad!
I think they would name their puppy after a greek god like Heras, personally I prefer  Adonis

United States Jerica Enriquez says:

I think Echo and Noah would name their puppy Hyperion (if a boy) Thea or Theia (if a girl). Both names seem to represents wisdom, watchfulness and light), which both Echo and Noah seem to get when they are with each other or talk about their future together.

Ireland Gráinne Hamill says:

Echo would name a puppy something cute and Echo would go along with it 'cause he loves her so much.. something fluffy and girly like snowball or something Tong

To be honest here, I don't really know what I'd name my puppy. I want one desperately though, but a name is something that'll stick with you forever, even if the entity behind that name is no longer with you. The time hasn't come yet for me to decide on a name, but when it does, it'll be the most precious thing in the world.

A puppy named Aires would be perfect for Echo & Noah.

I feel like the dog should be named Fluffy like the three headed dog from Harry Potter or maybe even a name like Luna? I think those would be good names for a dog.

I would name the dog Kili!! Thanks for the giveaway!! Smile

not sure; snowball?

If I had a dog I'd name it Apollo for a boy and Athena for a girl.
I am so excited about this giveaway! Thank you Smile

I would think she would give the puppy a name in honor of her brother

I have no idea what I would name a puppy. It would probably depend on what it looked like - whether it had spots etc. If I still couldn't come up with a name, I would choose either Genevieve (if a girl) or Ezekiel (if a boy)...

United Kingdom SueAnn Lim says:

If I Had a puppy I'd always wanted to call it Cinnamon Smile

Canada Amanda Tse says:

It all depends on what it looks like. I'm liking the name Finn but it has to fit the dog (I wouldn't name a pug or chiwawa Finn)

i love the name Jackson Smile

Canada Silvia Chan says:

I don't have much experience for dogs, but I would name it Nasus or Susan(it's an inside joke). I think Echo would name it after a relative. I just had this image of Noah picking the puppy and then Echo insists on him naming the puppy so Noah would look at something across the street randomly and name it that XD

Puerto Rico Sheila Mary says:

If I had a dog I would name him Taffy, just because that's the name my 4 years old sister says everytime since she was 2. It must mean something. Thanks

Mmm I don't know what would Echo and Noah would call their dog, I think it'd be cute if his brothers choose the name.

As for me, I would probably pick a name from one of my books, or maybe a Japanese name.

United States i*Heart*BigBooks (and i cannot lie...) says:

I like the name Ares (aka God of War) for a cute sweet puppy. lol

I would think they would name it Aires

Australia Natasha Orchard says:

Most likely a mythical god...

France Laureen Piseri says:

Thanks a lot for this giveaway! I hope have a chance to win!
For the name of their puppy, I think Hope or  Warrior would be a good name.

I always like the name "Lumi" for a puppy.

Well, I already have two puppies, named Alisha and Indie, but if I was to get another one, if it was a girl I would call her Pandora, if it was a boy I'd call him Theo. I could imagine Echo naming a puppy, Pandora, actually.

Philippines Michelle Sedeño says:

Ark. Like, Noah's Ark. Not the boat, but Noah's puppy something like that. Yeah, I know. Lame. :3

Canada Taylor Cote says:

I think if Noah and Echo were to get a pet they would name it something that has a lot of meaning, seeing as how they have both been through a lot in their lives and therefore have a lot of emotions. (not just a generic name that every pet has). Even though Echo loves her brother a lot, and could potentially name the pet after him, I think it would be a good possibility they name the pet Eros (or Aphrodite for a female pet - being the male and female Greek God of Love). I think this because Both Noah and Echo have focused on the negative things throughout their lives (seeing as how they have both has a pretty rough upbringing) they may see this time in their lives as a time to focus on the good things (like love).

I'm so excited to read Breaking The Rules!

If Echo and Noah had a pet, it would probably be a dog. They would name it Scar Tissue or ST for short. It sounds a bit morbid, but it symbolizes the scars that Echo and Noah have on the inside and the outside, how it brought them together and how it made them stronger people.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! You are a talented writer and I love your books!

This giveaway is amazing!
I reckon they might name the pet Aires after Echo's brother.
I don't have any pets but I want a German Shepherd called Zeus or Shadow.

Canada Julie Montmarquet says:

Oh that's hard. I'm not really good with names. I usually go with what the pet reminds me of, but for a puppy... I guess I could go with Loki or Thor.

Thank you for this giveaway

I love your books! I like the names Roly and Sadie.
Thanks for the giveaway!

¡hola! Thanks for this giveaway!
I would name the dog Otis for a boy and Maeve for a girl. these are greek names Laughing

I think they would name the dog after Aires.

I think they'd name it something like luna or shadow idk

So excited to read this book! Hopefully it'll come out in paperback form in the United States too!

I would name their puppy Fortis. I know it sounds weird, but fortis is the Latin word for brave, and Noah and Echo are both two brave people who have battled through difficult times and problems but have made it through with each other.

I think they would name their dog something like "Storm" because it describes their lives well.

I think Noah and Echo would choose a name that represents their strong bond - maybe Steel or something better than that. I'd name my puppy Lilly. Don't know about a male, though Smile. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

Puerto Rico Iliana Pantoja says:

I'm not good with names but I would name their puppy, Boo, or Coco, or Kathy.

Thanks for the chance! They should call him Apollo)

Philippines Maria Theresa Santos says:

maybe Gandy

United States Sude Dabkara says:

I would just like to thank you Katie Mcgarry. You have no idea how your books have changed my life. I have read all of your books and I have got to say that you are my favorite author in the entire world. Pushing the Limits has given me hope in a time were I had nothing to hope for. Thank you so much. The words you write really do impact people.
I think Noah and Echo should name their dog Faith. I feel like faith is a really big symbol in your book. The only way their relationship can survive is through their faith in each other.  

HMMM i think it would be something puppy-ish, either cutesy pupper or butch puppy, Rex or Buttercup maybe? But I've always wanted to name my dog Paladin, it means guardian and protector, their kind of like angles but cooler Smile <3 no one else liked it though so we went with Abbie

Hmmm...I'm thinking they would have a German Shepard. For a girl, Beth (seems like something Noah would do to annoy person-Beth). For a boy, I'm feeling Sam or Sammy.
I have a puppy! Her name is Holly and is adorable like Katie's Rachel.

United States Seth Monica Ballinger says:

I'm not sure...maybe Star or Faith, or something fun like Fido!

Australia Cassandra says:

I already have two dogs of my own at the moment. But if i were to get another pet and i could get a particular breed i would get a golden lab and call it Muffin, just like the small dog in the child's movie Napoleon <3

I think Noah and Echo should name their pet 'Flame' or 'Ember'

I have no idea. I have a dog and her name is Roma and she has a pedigree so I wasn't able to chose... How about Dusty?

For me the dog of echo and noah calls  Afrodite (goddess of the love and beauty)becouse they are a beAutiful couple and they love them  so there  becouse i choose. AfroditeSmile)) i hope of to win <3. .......

United States Mundie Moms says:

THANK YOU so much!

United States Sarah / appifanie says:

I have no idea but my puppy is named Arya Laughing Uhmm... Beth? Laughing

My dog's name is Molly, I think it's a cute dog name.Smile
Thanks for the giveaway!Smile

Ireland Louise Donnelly says:

I think Bandit would be a cool name :3

I have no idea what they would name a puppy. Maybe something like Happy or Goofy.

So excited to read this

Czech Republic Maruska H. says:

Dear Katie, you are awesome like your books. Tnank you so much. ?

I have helped name my family's dog before. They wanted to name here something unique and different. She is a PitBull, one of the prettiest and tamest dogs I know compared to our other dog. So we were all calling out names that came to us. I said "what about Sage?" Everyone became quiet and thought it over for awhile. Then my brother said "I don't know, that sounds kinda dumb." But my mom said "no, that actually sounds right." Then everyone thought about it and said the name a few times then came to an agreement. But we all argue about who came up with the name first.

George. They should name it George.

I named my dog Bandit. But for Noah and Echo, I'm liking Eclipse.
Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

I think it'd be cute if they went with a name from Greek mythology!

My guess would be Trouble.

Brazil Nathy Bells says:

Could it be the "SUN" or "MOON". Depending on the color of the puppy.

United States Samantha Corr says:

Omg everyone is so sentimental! Lol I like that comment about Noah picking some random thing he sees across the street!

I think that they should pick something light and silly for their puppy because it should be a happy thing! Something like Racer or Waldo or Yatzee. LOL!

I probably wouldn't name my dog any of those but they are better then my dog, Dykstra, who is named after a baseball player. She's a girl btw. Not my choice.

Hungary Evelin Kiss says:

Wooww.I really waiting your book that published in Hungary Laughing


i`d call him Tiger Smile

Philippines Kyla Fontalva says:

I'd call the dog 'Scruff' or 'Fluffy'. Smile

I want read Breaking the Rules and the rest to come! *_*

I've always wanted a puppy named Coco! Laughing

I really wish they would name their puppy "Smurf" after that one scene when they were broken up and Noah walks in on Echo painting and she has blue all over her face. That scene is a really important scene to em and I feel like it was a defining moment for their relationship. If they would name a puppy after anything I would think it would be something like that

I would name the puppy Vader!

Argentina Agustina Z says:

Can't wait to read this book! Love the story of Echo and Noah Smile
I like Patch for their puppy or a name from Greek mythology like Ares or Cerberus, and Athena or Artemisa for a girl. My dog's name is Sabrina Laughing
Thanks for the chance!!!

Zorro is a good name. Smile

I hope they name their puppy Jax or Caesar (at least I would name mine that).
Thanks for the giveaway! Smile

I think they would name it after one of the constellations. [:

If I got a puppy I'd name it Couscous (yes, the rice). Mainly to bug my older brother Seth because he thinks it's the worst name for a dog. I think it's adorable Smile

I'd name my puppy nemo

United States Kimberly Veyna says:

I think they would name the puppy something with a deeper meaning. Mythology would be a good guess or something that brought those two together. Thank you, Katie for being awesome! (:

Echo and Noah discuss a pet in Breaking the Rules. What do you think they would name their puppy or what would you name a puppy? Hmmmmm...that's hard...Ollie? Maybe Achilles? Or even Sammy?

Snoopy which by the way is my dog's name Smile

Philippines Hazel Beatrice says:

The name Breeze just popped up in my head. I think that would be a cool name for a pet! HAHA. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

Italy Daniela Marchesini says:

I love your books..
I suffered with noah and echo but in the end, i don't know' but their love story change me... they are amazing
Thank you for that incredible story

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