Harlequin Teen Big Book Giveaway

February 13, 2015 at 11:21 AMKatie McGarry
Hi everyone!
We have a treat for you! I've gotten together with some of my fellow fabulous Harlequin Teen authors to create a new Big Book Giveaway! This giveaway includes books from:
Katie McGarry--an ARC of Nowhere But Here
Adi Alsaid--an ARC of Never Always Sometimes and a copy of Lets Get Lost
Karen Hopkins--copies of Temptation, Belonging, and Forever
Kady Cross--A complete set of The Steampunk Chronicles (books only, not digital shorts)
Clara Kensie--Run to You book one which was released in three installments (Run to You--First Sight, Run to You--Second Glance, Run to You--Third Charm) *digital copy
Michelle Madow--The Secret Diamond Sisters and swag
Dawn Metcalf-- Indelible and Invisible
Cara Lynn Shultz--Spellbound , Spellcaster, The Dark World
Robin Talley--The Lies We Tell Ourselves
Rinda Elliott--Sisters of Fate Trilogy-Foretold, Forecast & Foresworn *digital copy
Liz Fichera--Played
Sabrina Elkins--Stir Me Up *digital copy
Tracey Martin--Another Little Piece of My Heart *digital copy
Amalie Howard--Waterfell and Oceanborn
If you count that up, that's 13 Harlequin Teen authors and over 20 books! I'm also giving away to a separate winner a copy of Pushing the Limits.
* This giveaway is international. Several of the books being given away are digital copies. In order for the winner to receive the digital copies of the books, they must have the ability to receive e-books via Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble from their e-mail accounts. If the winner does not have this ability, they will receive the print books offered above, but another winner will be chosen for the digital books. 

Katie McGarry or the authors sending their books are not responsible for any lost or damaged books that may occur during shipping.  You must be fourteen years old or older to enter. If you are under eighteen, you must have parent's permission to enter. This giveaway is international. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will have one week to reply to winner e-mail before a new winner is chosen. This giveaway is not in any way sponsored by Facebook, Rafflecopter, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest or Tumblr. 

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Love your books. Can't wait for the giveaway!!!! Laughing

United States Alexis Holpin says:

I would like Katniss Everdeen and Clary Fray to be friends.

I would probably die if Isaiah (From C.I.Y.) and Owen (From Sarah Dessen's "Just Listen") hung out. I've been picturing that for SO long.

I would like Jackal (from Blood of Eden trilogy) and Kraven (from the Nightwatchers series) to be friends.

Australia Ash McNamara says:

Anyone from any Katie McGarry book as she has a way with words that literally blows my mind!!

Australia Rachel @ Rachel's Reading Corner says:

I would like to see Jace (from TMI) and Will Herondale join together. Their banter would be hilariously entertaining!

Hmmm...I love to mix paranormal and contemporary. SO I want to see Ash from Iron Fey and Isaiah from Crash Into You. What do you think, think they might clash?

daemon black from obsidian and ignifex from cruel beauty!

so many books!

So many books!

I would like Jace Heroldale and Isaiah from Crash Into You to be friends ????

Brazil Aline servilha says:

Oz and Isaiah

This is too cool! I want it all. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

United States April Summers. says:

I think Katniss Everdeen and Tris Porter would make great friends.

United States Natasha Coburn says:

Oh wow! So many books that I want! I just have to enter!!!

Brazil Clara Sampaio says:

I wish Noah could be friends with Travis Maddox!
Thank you for this chance!!!

Canada Micheala Philpitt says:

Fantastic Giveaway!!

Hermoine Granger and Clary Fray I think would be a good set of friends.

United States summer webb says:


I'd love to see Noah (P.T.L) and Will Herondale (T.I.D) I think they'd be hilarious ????

United States Ace Juvenile says:

I would like Jem Carstairs and Mia from If I stay to be friends.

United States Sarah / appifanie says:

OOOH. In general, Jase from MY LIFE NEXT DOOR and Levi from FANGIRL because I love them.

HQN? Hmm. Isaiah (obviously) and Claire from Tracey's book, ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART. Because I love it.

United States Stacey DiCesare says:

Thanks for the giveaway, this is a lot of books to win!

I'd like to see Oz meet Noah! They'd be great together *giggles*

United States Gretchen Hall says:

I think it would be interesting to see Isaiah be friends with Daemon Black. oh the trouble they could get into!

I would like to see Beth (Dare You To) hanging out with Hayley (Take Me On).

Awesome giveaway! Thanks for offering it.

I think that I could be really good friends with Rachel and Logan from Crash Into You. I would have liked to say I Isaiah, too, but we all know that I would want him to be my boyfriend...
Thanks for the giveaway! So looking forward to Nowhere But Here!

United States Jerica Enriquez says:

I would want to see Cami and Echo hang out together. They are both sweet and strong women that can definitely get along and take control of a situation.

United States @hiheelmom5 says:

Best Giveaway EVER!!

United States angelica deriquito says:

I love this selection it's totally my tbr pile!

Canada Taylor Cote says:

Awesome giveaway!
Noah (Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry) & Luke (The Coincidence Series - Jessica Sorensen) would be a great friendship!!

Canada Olivia @ The Candid Cover says:

This is an amazing giveaway! Thank youSmile

United States stephanie aleman says:

I would like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and Lara Jean from Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Ever Loved to interact because how are similar they are in academic ways, but also because fhey would totally be in different houses.

Fantastic giveaway!! Such an amazing opportunity! I think Tarver from These Broken Stars and William Herondale from The Infernal Devices would have an amazing banter between the two. They'd be great friends because they are so alike!

I would love to see Lincoln from The Violet Eden Chapters, hang out with Jace Wayland for The Mortal Instruments.

I think that Rachel Dare (PJO) and Luna Lovegood would be a  fun pair of friends.

United States Whitney Danielle says:

I would like Katniss and Daemon black to be friends Smile lol

Philippines Ayanami Faerudo says:

Cole of The White Rabbit Chronicles and Puck of the Iron Fey series

United States Carol Shenold says:

Oodles of books. Love it.

i think it'd be really super awesome to see all of the people in miranda kenneally books (catching jordan, stealing parker...ect...) hanging out in a book or two with all of the people in katie mcgarry's pushing the limits series ( beth, noah,echo,Isaiah rachel...ect...)

Australia Kim Waters says:

Kimberly Derting's Violet & Kendare Blake's Cas - they'd have some interesting stories to share.

Brazil Nathy Bells says:

I would like to see Noah hang out with Rush. Echo and Blaire would be BFF...

Hmm. I think I'd like Seraphina (From Seraphina) and Celeana (Throne of Glass) to be friends. They'd totally kick it off.

United States Kobi Bryant says:

Roth for White Hot Kiss and Isaiah should be friends!

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:

I'd loooove to see Noah from Pushing The Limits getting freaked but eventually be the best friend of Daemon from Obsidian. Don't you think it's kinda fun to read? ;)

Hmmmm....I think Roth from Dark Elements by Jennifer L Armentrout and Puck from the Iron King series by Julie Kagawa.  That would be amusing.

i would love to win this!!

I'd love Tris and Katniss to be friends!

OMG!!! Katie McGarry, you And your AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

maybe Noah and Woods

I feel like Roth from White Hot Kiss and Patch Cipriano from Hush, Hush would be best friends ????

Sam from The Steampunk Chronicles and Isaiah from Pushing the Limits would make good friends. They have similar characteristics.

I would like to see Beth (Dare You To) hanging out with Hayley (Take Me On)!

Netherlands Nanouk Meijer // Dutch Book Chick says:

Which two Harlequin Teen book characters would you like to see hang out together or which two literary characters would you like to see be friends?

I would LOVE to see Ash from The Iron Fey and Jace from The Moral Instruments meet. I think that would be very interesting since they are both pretty sarcastic and all. I love 'em both and smushed together in one person I'd marry 'em.

Awesome give away by the way! I love the fact that it's international. Usually it's US/Canada only and that's kinda sad because there are so money international YA loving fans. So yeah, you guys rock Smile This package sounds AMAZING!!!

Netherlands Nanouk Meijer // Dutch Book Chick says:


I'd really love to see Charlie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and Sam Goldsmith (Playlist for the Dead) hang out.

AWESOME giveaway!

Slovenia Alexandra A says:

Noah and Roth Smile

United States Lena @ Addicted 2 Novels says:

Isaiah from CRASH INTO YOU and Puck from The Iron Fey series.  I don't know why, but I feel like they'd be a funny pair.

Spain Daytona Louise says:

I would love to see Echo(from Pushing The Limits) & Emma (Spellcaster) together :3

Roth from the Dark Elements series and Daemon from Lux series! They would get along very well.

India Priyal Shenoy says:

Which two Harlequin Teen book characters would you like to see hang out together or which two literary characters would you like to see be friends?

I would love to see Roth from White Hot Kiss and Ash from The Iron Fey series. Imagine these two hotties meeting!? One so passionate and sensual and the other so breathtaking and intimate.. A girl would never be able to decide the better one. ^_^ Them being friends would be like so awesome!! Only thinking of it makes me jump in excitement as if this scene might ever take place. All the other Harlequin Teen characters are amazing too like Isaiah, Puck (Oh I could marry him *dreamy*), Noah, etc.

Honestly this is the best give away ever. I love reading books and this would make me as happy as a pirate would be on spotting treasure. :'D

India Priyal Shenoy says:

I have followed each and every step given. Will tweet about the give away again tomorrow Smile

Echo and Avery

Wow, such an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much! I would probably want Courtney from The Secret Diamond sisters and Echo from Pushing the Limits to be friends/hang out!

Talina @ sassyanddangerous.blogspot.com

United States Heather Jackman says:

This is AWESOME!!!

I would love to see Kelsea from The Queen of the Tearling and Mare from Red Queen to get together. They would take over the world!

I think all of the characters are amazing and that any of them would make an amazing duo.

Malaysia Tengku Sakinah says:

I'd like Ash and Will Herondale to be friends the mostSmile

I would love to see Rachel Young and Brittany Ellis hang out. They both fall in love with a bad boy, so it would be cool to see how they get along right?!!! I love harlequin teen books!

United States Hollie Boyd says:

I would love to see Jack from The Arcana Chronicles series become friends with Isaiah from Crash Into You become friends!

Omg! Thanks for the giveaway! Hoping that the odds wwill be in my favor.Smile

I would love to see Ethan from Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series, and Isaiah from Katie McGarry's PTL series hang out together!

Thank you for this giveaway!

This is so exciting! Love Katie McGarry and looking forward to her new book coming out! There are so many great characters, I can't decide!

Love your books sooo much!!!

United States Mariah Smith says:

Hmmmm oh boy this is difficult. Meira from Snow Like Ashes and Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass. They're both queens of their kingdoms and could totally combine their worlds, making sassy remarks and scaring everyone with their badassery (thats not a word but I DONT CARE)  

United States Kim Baccellia says:

Love Harlequin Teen!

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! thanks for this great giveaway!

This giveaway is awesome and amazing!

Ireland Hollie Colgan says:

Oz and Noah from Katie McGarrys books without a doubt, now THAT would be interesting ????

Hmmm. Probably Puck and Cobalt from Julie Kagawa's books. Oh, and Jackal of course. All the sassy guy characters from her books are pretty great.

i would love to see noah from the temptation series and indelible from the twix series hang out, it would be hilarious and amish and alien otherworldly type being, hanging out lol

I would love to see both Noah & Isaiah hang out with Eli from Sarah Dessen's Along for the Ride.

United States Samantha Corr says:

I could totally picture Rachel from Crash Into You and Samantha from My Life Next Door being best friends. They are both shy and quiet girls on the outside but are rebellious and go for the guys that their parents would never approve of. And through it all they are so nice and the guys are both sweethearts and care so much for them. And they both grow up so much in their books. I could totally picture them running into each other at Rachel's mom's fundraiser and then hang out later with their boyfriends and go on a double date or something and then they will keep each other company through all of the events after! Smile

Isaiah (C.I.Y)  and Roth (S.C.T)! I think think there would be
Something odd yet refreshing about that friendship.

I would love to see Victor Frankenstein and Dracula hang out. Wonder what that conversation would sound like.

United States Funny Laughter says:

Love this giveaway! I would like to see Abby and Echo hang out. They are my two favorite characters (so far) from Katie's books!

I think Rachel from Crash Into You and Tessa from the Run To You books because they both started out as very vulnerable and dependent on their family, and through their stories and with the help of Isaiah and Tristan ;) They've managed to become more brave. So I think that they would have a lot in common.

Philippines Camelle Rogando says:

I want to see Leila and Hudson from Let's Get Lost <3

Love that book!

United States Shannon Mummey says:

Leila from Let's Get Lost and Haley from Take Me On.

I would love to see Puck from the Iron Faerie series and Isaiah form the Pushing the Limits Series spend time together and hopefully become friends as they are both so lonely and Isaiah needs some fun in his life!

I am so unbelievably excited to read Nowhere But Here!

I'd like to see Noah and Echo with Jase and Sam from My Life Next Door, that'd be so cute!

Slovakia Marta Pereira says:

I'd like to see Echo hang out with Kat from the Lux series. I'm sure they'd be friends!

I know it's random and from 2 separate genres, but I'd love to see Vin (from the Mistborn Series) and Cath (from Fangirl) be friends. For some reason I think they'd hit it off. Thanks for the giveaway!

oh my gosh! Travis Maddox and West Young I would love to see be friends!!

I would like to see Roth from The Dark Elements series by Jennifer L. Armentrout hang out with Patch from the Hush Hush series by Becca FitzPatrick. Their interation should be interesting!

I would love to see Celaena Sardothien and Isabelle Lightwood hang out. I feel like that would be an epic friendship.

I wish I were best friends with Rachel and Echo!

Kaidan Rowe from The Sweet Trilogy and Kyle Hamilton from V is for Virgin to be friends! Smile
Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!!

yay! this giveaway is heaven for a romance junkie like me! hope i can win this. <3

yay! this giveaway is heaven for a romance junkie like me! hope i can win this. <3

Kyle Hamilton from V is for Virgin and Peter of To All The Boys I've Loved Before. they will surely rule the campus if they were friends. <3

United States Carol Linn Hawkins says:

Love these books!

United States Katie Kolesar says:

I would love to see Finn from Incarceron (Catherine Fisher) and Thomas from The Maze Runner (James Dashner) as friends!!!

so glad to see more giveaways that are international Smile

Logan and Abby. Would love a story with them together.

I would like Alexandra Andros (Covenant) and Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy) to be friends.

I would like to see Daemon Black (from Lux series) and Jace from Mortal Instruments meet, I think it would be fun to see, since they can both be such snarky and tough characters. But almost anyone with Jace would be good, I love him, haha.

United States Rebecca Lee says:

so excited for this giveaway

I would like to see Annabeth Chase and Hermione Granger be friends, because that would be knowledge awesomeness

Id love to see Indelible Ink and Oz as friends!

United States Meredith Amelotti says:

It's so exciting when your favorite authors come together  or just interact with each other. Thanks for this awesome collaboration!

United States Emily @ Falling For YA says:

I'd love to see Abbi from Dare You To/Crash Into You by Katie McGarry and Ink from Indelible from Dawn Metcalf hang out. They are completely different people and Abbi would probably think it was a drug related hallucination. I would be thoroughly entertained reading about it lol

I would love to see Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson all hang out. All of them would be awesome.

How do i enter!? I always need new books

Friends: Tod Hudson from Soul Screamers and Puck from The Iron Fey. I just think they would be hilarious together. I would like to meet Ash from the Iron Fey because he's so swoony and Abby from The Pushing the Limits books because she's just awesome

United States Tayla Robichaud says:

Before I answer i wanted to let you know that I did everything but two things and it never asked me for my accounts, how will you know if i tweeted and followed?

Which two Harlequin Teen book characters would you like to see hang out together or which two literary characters would you like to see be friends?

- I would like to see Kitty from the blackcoat rebellion and Meghan from the Iron Fey. They were both thrown into these huge roles that I would think they would relate to each other very much

Would like to see Noha from pushing the limits and Noha from belonging bening friends! ha see what i did there?

Australia Jessica Scott says:

I'd love to see jace herondale and daemon black together.. ??

United States Jennifer Taylor says:

Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

United States Kindra Maye says:

I would love William Herondale from TID (Cassandra Clare) and Roth from TDE (Jennifer L. Armentrout) to hang out together. That would be a whole lot of sarcastic awesomeness in one room!

United States Kindra Maye says:

I would love to have William Herondale from TID (Cassandra Clare) and Noah Shaw from Mara Dyer trilogy (Michelle Hodkin) to hang out together. That would be a whole lot of sarcastic awesomeness in one room! Smile

United States Kindra Maye says:

I would love to have William Herondale from TID (Cassandra Clare) and Noah Shaw from Mara Dyer trilogy (Michelle Hodkin) to hang out together. That would be a whole lot of sarcastic awesomeness in one room! Smile

What a crazy awesome giveaway!!! I don't know about which two characters would makes good friends, but I would love to hang out with Magnus Bane, he would be very entertaining!!!!

This is so amazing of you to have this giveaway. Thank you!

I'd say Daniel Colton from Dangerous to Know & Love and Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster, maybe?? Laughing

Two literary characters I would like to see hang out? I think it would be cool to see Harry Potter hanging out in the Shire with Frodo Baggins. Or maybe Dumbledore as beasties with Gandalf.

This is so hard but I want Twilight meets The Mortal Instruments lol. Edward Cullen meets Simon Lewis. lol

P.S. I know SImon is not a Vampire but who cares haha

I would like to see Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen be friends.

so excited to see this comp post on FB but held my breath until I saw it was international WooHoo. Fingers crossed.

This competition is amazing!

I would love to see Cole from the White Rabbit Chronicles and Ash from the Iron Fey series as friends. They can be adorably protective over their girlfriends together and they have an understanding of hardships in relationships.

This is really cool!!!

Australia Sophie O'Connell says:

Soooo many books I could read on the train to and from University!!!

Australia Sophie O'Connell says:

So excited I forgot to actually answer - two biggest female heroines in the industry at the moment. Katniss Everdeen and Tris Porter.. what they could accomplish together!

Canada Kate Rytter says:

Katniss and Clary woud get along very well I think Smile

United States Catherine Leonor says:

I would want Acheron (Dark Hunter Series) and Lucien (Lords of the Underworld) to meet. That would be coo. They are both awesome.

Australia Madeline says:

Noah from Pushing Limits  and Puck from Iron Fey series. They would be hilarious together!

United States Amanda Suttle says:

Excited to check out these books!

I don't know! I couldn't possibly pick!

Katniss Everdeen and Clary Fray

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