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March 31, 2015 at 3:32 PMKatie McGarry
Hi everyone!
There are some seriously awesome books coming out in the next few months and this giveaway will allow you a sneak peek! The ARC giveaway is international.
Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry Smile: The first book in my Thunder Road series which follows teens who are raised in a motorcycle club. Remember, if you preorder Nowhere But Here you can receive Abby and Logan's full length novel, Chasing Impossible, for FREE! Click here for this amazing offer!
The Devil You Know by Trish Doller: This book is absolutely stunning. It's definitely one of those page turners that kept me up all night.
Jesse's Girl by Miranda Kenneally: This book had me hooked from the start! It is fun, smart, and sexy.  I'll be honest, I can't stop thinking about this story and about Jesse. I can't describe just how happy this book makes me.
After Hours by Claire Kennedy (Amanda Morgan): Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a restaurant? Just wow! This was a fun book!
The Lies About Truth by Courtney Stevens: This book is powerful and emotional. It is definitely a must read. 
I'm also giving away a Nowhere But Here poster!
Updates on Chasing Impossible--Abby and Logan's story. Remember--the only way to currently receive Abby and Logan's story is to preorder Nowhere But Here.
    • Great news! UK & Australia readers can also pre-order Nowhere But Here and receive Chasing Impossible for FREE along with the US and Canada. UK readers go here and Australian readers go here
    • US and Canadian Readers: to register your pre-order of Nowhere But Here to receive Chasing Impossible for free go here
    • Any questions regarding how to find your transaction number please go here
    • Confirmation of registration for Chasing Impossible: After you register your preorder, you will be sent to a confirmation page. You will then be sent a confirmation email on the following Tuesday. Everyone should receive a confirmation email. Please let me know if you have not received yours by contacting me via my website:
    • How can I read Chasing Impossible since it is an ebook? You will be able to read Chasing Impossible on your reading devices or your computer. :-) Here is your full service guide

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United States Robin Carr says:

I love all of Katie's books! Can't wait to read Nowhere But Here!

All books by my fave authors--how'd ya' know?!?  THANKS for the chance!!! Smile

I haven't read any of these books, but most of them are on my unreleased TBR book pile.

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

Canada Lori Twining says:

What a great idea to promote each other. I love reading Katie McGarry's novels and can't wait to read books by Miranda, Courtney, Trish and Amanda. Plus, I love ARC Giveaways. Smile

United States Lacey Thach says:

I loved the Pushing the Limits series!

All these books sound great!

Canada Alicia Chin says:

I loved Pushing the Limits, but I also loved Catching Jordan. First books make me happy Smile They're the beginning of awesome series (or companion series).

Thanks for this giveaway!

United States Gretchen says:

my favorite would have to be Crash into you

yay! so excited for these to come out.

United States sarah / appifanie says:

I've read almost all the Katie books, and Courtney's book, and Trish's THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. And I love them all in their special ways Smile

Spain Karla Nadchar says:

Thank you so much forma the giveaway! <3

Thanks for another AWESOME giveaway!!!

Canada Taylor Cote says:

I've read every book written by Katie McGarry! If I had to pick a favourite, I would say it's between "Crash Into You" and "Dare You To" (but I absolutely adore all of the novels Katie has written!!)

United States Feifei Le says:

I read your books Katie (Pushing the Limits is still my favorite) and Something Like Normal by Trish Doller which I enjoyed!

"Dare You To" and "Crash Into You" by Katie McGarry are my favorites!

United States Jenn Benando says:

I've read all of Katie's books. Honestly, Red at Night changed me. That book will always be my favorite.

United States Suzanne Edwards says:

I have read Katie's Pushing the Limits #1, #1.1, #2, #3, and #4 and absolutely looooved them!  They rock!  She is an amazing author!  I can't wait for the Thunder Road series Smile  I have not experienced any of the authors' work...yet!

United States Jenni Fogle says:

I've read Katie McGarry, and Crash into You is definitely my favorite!

You are amazing! Thank you! Laughing

Canada Francesca DeNoble says:

Dare You To!

I have read all the Pushing the Limits books and a few Hundred Oak books. Love them!

I have read all of Katie's books and love them ALL but I'd have to say that my absolute favorite is Crash Into You. Love me some Isaiah!!! ?

United States Kobi Bryany says:

I love Trish Doller's Where the Stars Still Shine and all of Katie McGarry's books!

Catching Jordan was really good, one awesome girl who plays football and has a best friend named Sam Henry Smile loved it!

I have read Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits series and absolutely loved it.

I've read all of Katie McGarry's book's!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I love your books and you are my favorite autor!

Sadly I haven't read their books but checking them out on goodreads makes me want to do it soon Smile

Romania Diana NM says:

I love your giveaways. I didn't read any of these amazing authors, but I heard so much about them and I really want to read their books. I hope I'm lucky this time.
All the love from Bucharest ^^

Hungary Beatrix Szatmari says:

Thanks for the Chance. Great books Smile<3

Spain Anastasia says:

I haven't read any of these books but i want to read Nowhere but here, I want it so badly.

Australia Emilee Barker says:

I received Crash Into You by Katie McGarry from HarlequinTEEN through a competition and I absolutely loved it. I love Katie's writing style and it makes her novels very fluid and easy to read.

Ireland Lauren Swayne says:

Pushing the Limits is an all time favourite of mine <3 the whole series will always be special to me <3

Philippines Beatrice Masalunga says:

Yay! Thank you for the International giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity Laughing

Philippines Beatrice Masalunga says:

I've only read Katie McGarry's books but I'm looking forward to read more.

Nowhere but here would be my first McGarry book. Same counts for all the others. Laughing

Canada Amanda Tse says:

I haven't read any of these books or books by those authors except for Pushing The Limits

United States Nichol Brown says:

I've read Katie McGarry's Dare You To, Crash Into You, and Take Me On! My absolute favorite is Crash Into You though!!

Yes! Only all of Katie McGarry's books!

Canada Tiffany Gilchrist says:

I haven't read any of the books but I was just introduced to Pushing The Limits and fell in love! I can't wait to read the rest in the series as well as the ones to comeSmile

Pushing the limits - Katie McGarry

I haven't read any of these authors but have been looking at these titles for a while in anticipation! Damn my full-time work/school schedule getting int he way of my reading!

United States Stacey DiCesare says:

Thanks so much for the giveaway, these books all sound amazing!

Nope,I haven't,but I'm looking forward to read Smile
Thanks for the awesome great giveaway Smile

I love the Pushing the Limits series. I haven't read the other authors though.

I love all of Katie McGarry's books

I love all of Katie McGarry's books!!!!

Slovenia Alexandra A says:

I`ve read all of your books Smile

United States My Huong Huynh says:

I have read all of Katie Mcgarry's books and Miranda Kenneally's books. The Pushing the Limit Series and the Hundred Oaks series are two of my favorite YA series. I can't wait for Nowhere But Here and Jesse's Girl to come out. My favorite is probably Dare to You and Racing Savannah

I've read all of Katie's books and I can't wait for 'Nowhere But Here' to come out. Plus 'After Hours' and 'The Devil You Know' are two others I'm impatiently anticipating. Can't wait for all these books to come out so I can read them.

United States Jenna from We're Jumpin' Books says:

Pushing The Limits! Loved it! Thanks for a chance

United States cpa payroll services says:

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Canada Silvia Chan says:

Yes, I have read your books and Pushing the Limits was my favourite book of yours.

I have read Katie McGarry's book, Pushing the Limits and loved it! I'm excited to start reading Breaking the Rules! Smile Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

Dare You To will always be my favorite <3

I love this giveaway! Crash into You is onde of my favorites of all times!

Loved every book by Katy...would like to win this so bad ??

Brazil Nathalia says:

I've read the two books the Katie published in my country. It is impossible to choose one of them

Philippines Maria Theresa Santos says:

have not read any of books

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:

I've read, of course, all of Katie's books, and I also have read Miranda Kenneally's books. In fact, she's one of the first authors I read when I start "diving" into this book world thingy. Smile I'd loooove to read the rest of these authors' books as well! <3

United States live streaming mayweather vs pacquiao ppv says:

Keep on working, great job!

only read and like your books

I've read all the books by Katie McGarry but my favorite one is Pushing The Limits <3

Awesome giveaway!  Great books!

Crash Into You!!! Thank you :*

United States Shannelle says:

I am so, so excited, Katie! And I absolutely can't pick between Breaking the Rules and Dare You To.

United States Liz Hicks says:

I have read Faking Normal by Courtney Stevens. This is an amazing story about hope and healing!

I've read most of the books that these authors have released! I absolutely loved Courtney C Stevens "Faking Normal!"

Haven`t read them yet...

I haven't read any books from these authors, but PUSHING THE LIMITS is waiting for me!

Argentina Agustina Z says:

I've read Katie's books and love them! Pushing the Limits is my favorite! Smile

Its so sad that I can't seem to see a physical copies of the author I really wanna read. And I badly want them

I have read all the Hundred Oak series and McGarry's Book.
My favorite this far is Breatge, Annie, Breathe *__*

I loved pushing the limit series I read them in less then a week. Can't wait for the next series to come out.


United States Alexandra H says:

I own books by some of them, but I've only read Pushing the Limits, which was absolutely amazing!! ((:

United States Shannon Mummey says:

Love Katie's books!

Australia Rochelle says:

Aaah! Can't wait for all of these books to come out!!!

Philippines Shai Villanueva says:

Yes! Miranda Kenneally's Catching Jordan! Smile

Haven't read many books by these authors but am looking forward to them.

United States Grace Radford says:

I've read and LOVE your books Katie, of course, but I also love Trish and Miranda's books! <3  I've yet to read books by the other two authors but I'm excited to! Laughing

Have you read a book from one of these authors. If so, which book is your favorite?

i have read all of katie mcgarry and miranda kenneally's books! they are all my favorite!

United States Casey S. says:

I have only read your books, Katie, so mine would obviously be NOWHERE BUT HERE. I am so excited to meet Oz and the gang! Smile

United States The Brain Lair says:

Already a fan of Trish Doller, can't wait to add the rest of these authors to my list!

United States Samantha Corr says:

I have read Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits series and absolutely love them and her writing! I can't wait for Nowhere But Here to come out because I am sure I will love that as well! My sister has the entire Catching Jordan series by Miranda Kenneally so she is probably going to be my next read! Smile

United States Anastasia C says:

I have read Pushing the Limits and really enjoyed it!

United States Noelle Colletto says:

My favorite is Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry. I read it a while ago but I remember it was such a heartbreaking story. Noah was the bad boy who turned sweet for his girl Smile

United States The Book Jar Blog says:

I've read Stealing Parker, Catching Jordan and Racing Savannah.

United States Funny Laughter says:

Thanks for the amazingly awesome giveaway!

I have read books by three of these authors, but my favorite is probably Crash Into You.

United States Corey Urick says:

I love all your books! So excited for the next book.
I hope you come back to Indiana for a signing sometime soon!!

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