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November 24, 2015 at 10:09 AMKatie McGarry
 Congrats, Trish D.! You are the winner. Please check your email!
Hi everyone,
In celebration of being a Goodreads Choice Awards Finalist for Best YA Fiction for four years in a row, I am giving away a signed set of my books including Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, Crash Into You, Take Me On, Breaking the Rules and Nowhere But Here plus a Nowhere But Here Poster. Also, I am giving away an Advanced Reviewer Copy of WALK THE EDGE!
I can't express how proud I am of Nowhere But Here and how humbled I am by your support. Because of my readers, I'm able to continue my dream of writing my characters' stories and I thank you with all my heart that you read my books. 
I also recently learned that Nowhere But Here has been nominated for Best YA Contemporary and Book of the Year in the RT Reviewers Choice Awards. As I said before, I am so proud of this book! 
Remember, Razor's story, Walk the Edge, will be released on March 29, 2016.
 Congrats, Trish D.! You are the winner. Please check your email!

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Katie McGarry is not responsible for any lost or damaged books or posters that may occur during shipping.  You must be fourteen years old or older to enter. If you are under eighteen, you must have parent's permission to enter. This giveaway is international. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will have one week to reply to winner e-mail before a new winner is chosen. This giveaway is not in any way sponsored by Facebook, Rafflecopter, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest or Tumblr.



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Thank you!!

I have yet to read Nowhere buy Here, but my favorite book in the Pushing the Limits Series is Dare You to because it is full of so much passion, anger, and love that I fall in love with all the characters again every time I read it.


One of my favourite book is the Perfect chemistry by Simone Elkeles and of course Pushing the Limits. Smile

My favorite character from Nowhere But Here was Olivia!

Can't wait for Walk the Edge, except of course where I am forced to wait.

I'm such a fan. Would particularly love to have that posted.

- Ali

United States Mandy McCauley says:

Isaiah and Oz are my favorites!

I meant poster, not posted

Canada Pamela Morton says:

I hope this is an international giveaway. looks like a good one Smile

I'm a huge Oz fan, though I can't wait to learn more about Razor!

My favorite book is pushing the limite Smile thanks for the chance Smile

Thank you! Such great books!

My foveate character was Razor can't wait to see what will happen in the next book

This giveaway is amazing. I would love to win something like this. These books are some of my favorite reads. I can't even count how many times I've read some of them.

Favorite character from 'Nowhere But Here' is definitely Oz. He's such a mystery, but also seems like such a simple guy at the same time.

Puerto Rico Sheila M. Arroyo Serrano says:

My favorite book is Crash Into You, I just fell in love with Isaiah and Rachel!!!

United States Samantha Reed says:

Nowhere But Here was one of my favorite contemporaries of the entire year <3 I can't wait to read Razor's story, too.

United Kingdom Tiegan Lynskey says:

I entered your last giveaway to win a signed copy of Pushing The Limits plus Aires's dog tags and was so gutted not to win, so of course I'm entering again! I've been a fan of yours for many years and can honestly say that reading Echo's story has changed my life. I was in a very dark place when I first picked up one of your books and learning of her courage has changed me in many ways, all or the better. So thankyou for essentially saving my life. I feel as though I owe you a lot. I've read all of your books DOZENS of times and am SO excited for Nowhere But Here to arrive!! Much love to you, Katie. Thankyou for sharing your stories with us - I cherish them (and you) a lot.
Tiegan Lynskey

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet, but my favorite book of yours is still Pushing The limits.  I love Noah & Echo and am soooo happy we get more to their story.  thank you!

My favorite of your novels is Dare you to. This is also the first novel of yours that I've ever read and in my opinion it was just brilliant. Both of the main characters were awesome and it was just so... non-cliche! I loved it. Probably  also because it was the most light and kinda funny of your novels and I'm really into those. More than into the drama xD

Well, of course I loved OZ!!!!! Purrrrrr.

United States Teresa Mary Rose says:

Oz of course! And Olivia! So much love for all the characters really.

United States Sandra Lancaster says:

This is an amazing contest. I would love to own these.

I really love all of your books!!! <3 Thank you so much for this awesome chance!

Loved Nowhere But Here.. Amazing book
I'd have to say that Oz was my favorite.. But man Olivia is just as awesome!!

My favorite books are Dare You to and Crash into to You.

I love all your books Katie! My favorite character us probably Oz. Though I am a huge fan of Emily's biological dad.

I loved olivia in nowhere but here. She was a trick master when she pulled off that funeral XD

Portugal Joana Aleixo says:


I haven't read Nowhere But Here yes so... from Pushing the Limits Series my favorite book is Crash Into You! Isaiah is my favorite book boyfriend ever! I just love him so much! Chasing Impossible is my 2nd favorite one! Just like Isaiah, Logan is part of my favorite boys and in Chasing Impossible Isaiah appears so much... all the boys do... it's paradise!

Their group is friendship goals. <3

Ireland Lauren Swayne says:

Oz forever and ever and ever <3 <3

Norway Cindy Zhang says:

So exciting! I love absolute EVERY word you've written in every books that have been released! Noah, Ryan, Isaiah, West, Lincoln and Oz forever!

United States Chandra H. says:

I loved Oz probably the most but I cannot wait to read Razor's story. I would have to say I love the Thunder Road series and it probably my new favorite series!

I loved Nowhere But Here! It has become one of my most favorite books ever! I can't till I can get my hands on Walk The Edge. It would be an absolute dream to win!

United States Rachelle Hayes says:

I really liked Razor. I'm super glad his story is coming out soon. I also really enjoyed the parental charters in the book, especially her two dads.

Oh this would make my holiday season!

Hi, I read all of your books and all of them are amazing but my favorite character is Abby Smile If I have to choose my favorite character from Nowhere but here that would be Olivia, she is just amazing person. Razor also leave very good first impression Smile

I have just started reading Nowhere But Here, and have yet to pick a favourite character. I can definitely say I can tell that this will be another favourite book of mine. Thank you for writing so many great novels that will be with me for a lifetime.

Hungary Viktória Takács says:

I haven't read Nowhere But Here. My favorite book is Pushing the Limits. I love the story of Noah and Echo.
Thanks for the chance! Have a nice day!

This was definitely my favorite book as well! I'm completely in love with all of your characters, but Noah and Echo have a special place in my heart. I am completely crazy to just keep reading more and more of their story. I know in some of your interviews Katie you said if you continued their story they would become adult novels. I'm completely in support. I am eighteen, so not only do I really connect with their story but  I also read both adult an teen fiction anyways. Either way I'm looking forward to reading more of your new novels, especially Nowhere But Here. I'm getting a bit of a Sons of Anarchy vibe and I just know I'll eat it up!

I am pretty sure my favorite character is Oz. He is everything I want in my badboy!

My favorite charter is Razor because he's so mysterious. I can't wait tell his story is released.

Mexico Ana Rodriguez says:

This would be the most amazong Christmas presente EVER! I love all of your books so much! They all have a place in my heart.

OZ! So love that boy and I can't wait to read Walk The Edge.  This MC is done right.  Love ya!

Right now my favorite has to be Oz. But I'm totally open Laughing

United States Reagan Reynolds says:

I love your book Dare you To, I read the book first and I LOVED it! Beth can be annoying, but Ryan and her relationship is one of my favorites out of all of that series!

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet (I have it on my Kindle and I'm just waiting for the right time), but I have read all of the books in the Pushing the Limits series! It's hard to choose, but my favorite is tied between Dare You To and Take Me On!

Damn I would die to get a copy of Walk The Edge... Love all your books!

Oh and Razor is my fave character most defs in Nowhere But Here.

Portugal Vera Gomes says:

I loved Oz and Emily! I can't decide which of the characters I liked more. They are great as a whole. This book is my favorite from Katie, it would be totally awesome to win this pack. Really excited about the poster as it's my favorite book as I mentioned before. It would look great on my bedroom wall!! I am also very excited to read the following book of this series!

Thanks for the giveaway. Smile

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet but I have read all of the books in the Pushing the Limits series! Noah and Echo's story will forever be my fave!

Thanks for the chance to win signed copies of your books! Laughing

I absolutely fell in love with all of the character's stories but I especially love Beth and Ryan!!

First of all, THANK YOU for this opportunity!  Asking to pick who my favorite from Nowhere But Here is just cruel though. Forced to pick... Oz...? Sorry Emily! And Olivia!

Australia Jaide Rhodes-James says:

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet but it's definitely high on my to-read pile. But my favourite books are The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi and Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Malaysia Lau Jia Wen says:

Havent read Nowhere But Here, cuz I didn't want to wait for too long to read the next book. My favourite is Dare You To! Love all your books but Dare You To held a special place in my heart.

Love the pushing the limits series. I'm reading no where but here now an I'm loving it.

Oz is my favourite! Without a doubt!

I really liked Oz. He was different form the other characters in any of the katie mcgarry books. He was so hot and i loved the romance between him and Emily.

United States Pamela Xiong says:

I love you so so much Katie!!! Thank you very much for this opportunity???????? You mean the world to me and keep up the great work and I can't wait to read Razors story!!!

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:

I love Oz! But I wish he could be more, I don't know, gentle? Haha, I can't help but keep comparing him with Noah. But still, if Oz's just like the cool guy on the cover? Hubba hubba.

breaking the rules

I love Oz! He's fine like hot garlic bread. I could marry him (if fictional marrying was possible!)

My favorite character would have to be Olivia or Emily/Oz.  Grandmothers have a special place in my heart and I relate to being scared and not wanting to leave your comfort zone like Oz/Emily have to deal with through out the novel.  I hope Nowhere But Here wins the Goodreads Choice Award!

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet, but my favourite book is Pushing the Limits followed by a close Crossing the Line.

Courtney Laughing

Razor! I´m waiting for his story, thank you!

Oz is definitely my favourite character from Nowhere But Here. I cannot wait for Walk the Edge!

Australia Claudia Croker says:

I haven't read Nowhere but Here yet, but my favourite book, written by you of course, is Crash Into You. Isaiah has always been my favourite character and reading his story made my heart melt into a puddle. Him and Rachel are absolutely perfect for each other. Thank you for this opportunity too Smile

I think so far my favorite is Oz but ever since seeing Razor I liked him and I know he'll be one of my favorites too!

Greece Helen Raftopoulou says:

Thank you so much for this chance!!!!!!! Love your books!!!!!!

Omg this sounds so amazing!! I love all your books (I'm such a giant fan) and I'm excited for Walk the Edge!

Greece Artemis Giote says:

I haven't read Nowhere buy Here yet and my favorite is the whole Mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

United States Tradermare says:

I loved Oz in Nowhere But Here and I'm looking forward to more stories and secrets from this world!

If I got to sit on Santa's knee & tell him what I want for would be an ARC of Walk the Edge!!  

My most favourite book is Hush,Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick! ????

I absolutely adored Nowhere But Here, one of my favorite characters was Razor so I can't wait for Walk the Edge.

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet, it's waiting on my shelf, though!
I love Beth and Ryan and Dare You To!
Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway!

So very much deserved! Have read and devoured every single one xo

Without a doubt my favorite character from Nowhere but Here was Oz. LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED him!

I am a huge fan of your work and loved all the books I have read of yours. It's so kind of you to do giveaways like this. My favourite book is Crash into me and Pushing the limits. And though I haven't read Nowhere but here yet I have a feeling that I'm going to love it.

Slovenia Alexandra A says:

I <3 OZ! Smile

I haven't read Nowhere but Here yet, its on my TBR though and I already own it on kindle.

My favorite book of yours hands down is Dare You To.

;) my favorite character is Noah and Logan.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Every. Single. Book

OH! And Olivia is the BEST. But I melted for Razor, and definitely can't wait to get in his head!

Brazil Fernanda Aragao Rosa says:

I love all these books so much I can't even explain... Thanks for this opportunity, Katie! <3

United States Jenn Benando says:

I adored Oz. He was just doing his job and then before he knew it, he was falling for Emily. I seriously love this book and can't wait til my daughter gets a bit older, so she can read it.

United States Brianna Hill says:

My favorite character has been Chevy. I don't know why but he was interesting to me from the very beginning and I would love to find out more about his character!

I've read almost all of your books, with the exception of the recent PTL story. Nowhere But Here has been my absolute favorite, with Pushing the Limits and Crash Into You coming a close second.

United States danielle hammelef says:

I've had No Where But Here on my to-read list for too long and this book sounds so good. Thanks for your giveaway and congrats on your success!!

My favorite book by you is Pushing your limits and I really liked Noah and Echo Smile

United States Stacy Murphy says:

I haven't read this book yet, but I loved your other series so much!!  My favorite all time book would have to be The Bronze Horseman.  Thanks for the chance Smile

I love all your stories but Dare you to is my favourite one! I can' t wait for Walk the edge!!!

United States Cindy Myers says:

I have not read this book yet, but my favorite by you is Pushing the Limits. Thank you so much.

Canada Roa'a Hamed says:

One of my favourite books is Pushing the Limits. i read it back in high school and fell in love with the characters, the story and your writing. Ever since, I have read almost all of your books and enjoyed them immensely!

France Anne-Gaëlle says:

Thanks for the chance !!! ??

United States Angela Milligan Palacios says:

Thanks for the opportunity Katie McGarry. I love your books and would absolutely love to win a signed copy of your book. I love to read it's my favorite hobby and I love to get lost in a great book. Again thank you I look forward to reading more of your work, and Happy Thanksgiving

Currently rereading Crash into you. It's my favorite. Isaiah just... he's just... I mean.. adjofidñmklgfdpçmglf

Netherlands Jacolien Terpstra says:

One of my favorite books is Dare You To!

United Kingdom Micky barnard says:

Thanks I loved nowhere but here!

United States Crystal Daniel says:

I just started to read the book so I can't say that I have a favorite character just yet. And since it's hard to come up with a favorite book I'll narrow it down and say out of all the other books I've read by you, my favorite by far is "Crashing Into You".

United States Marcy Meyer says:

I haven't read it yet.  I don't have a favorite book, because I've read too many great ones.  A favorite from this year is The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry.

Philippines Celina Rovillos says:

Holy Molly!! This is amazeballs! I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes for this! Thank you thank you thank you! :*

Philippines Celina Rovillos says:

I haven't read this book yet. But my favorite book is Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher. Smile

I love Emily, I find her very like myself in so many ways. Obviously I hold "Pushing the Limits" very close to my heart, it's a book that really did open my eyes to so many issues and fronts people hold.

Loved Oz!!!!

My favorite Nowhere but here's characters is the grandma because she's really badass, a real one ha ha she's strong, fears no one and can shut you up in one sentence. I love her and would like a grandma like her without the deseace for sure...

I haven't started that series, but my favourite characters in your books are Ryan and Beth. Their story was my favourite and I could re-read and re-read all over again.

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet but Pushing the Limits is still my favorite. ? Thank you for the giveaway!

United States Skylar LeMans says:

I haven't gotten to reading Nowhere But Here (it will be corrected this weekend). My favorite book would be Dare You Too. It was the first book I read from you and I loved it! The way Ryan didn't give up no matter how much Beth pushed him away, made my standards for men skyrocket! I could really relate to how Beth cared more than anything for her family! Despite what they put her through. Like Beth, my friends are my family!

United States Ashley K- Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps says:

While I have not yet had the pleasure of reading your highly recommended series, I can tell you that one of my favorite books this year (because actually picking ONE favorite book is impossible for me hehe)
was Truth or Beard by Penny Reid, lovable and snarky female protagonist- yes please!

United States Ryan Zavitkovsky says:

My favorite Nowhere But Here character is Emily.Smile She's so clever and such a smartass. I love it!!!Laughing

United States sherry bauer says:

I love Razor! I love all your books and characters!

United States E.L. Irwin says:

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Katie! Take care. *crossing fingers*

United States E.L. Irwin says:

And I loved Oz in Nowhere But Here, but my heart still and always will belong to Isaiah. I just adore him.

India Srishti Tariyal says:

I haven't had the opportunity to read Nowhere But Here yet, I'm a big fan of your books. I have read all your books from the series Pushing the Limit. I don't think anyone can beat Noah for book boyfriend Laughing

United States Jacqueline Quintero says:

I have not read nowhere but here but it is on my to-read list.. I believe my favorite book has Crash Into You.... Isaiah is simply a great guy. Its impossible not to fall for him and everything he stands for <3

Canada Jeanelle Dumont says:

So excited for this giveaway! I favorite character from this book is Oz, but I can't wait to hear the rest of the stories... whoever's they may be.

Indonesia Amel Armeliana says:

Have to admit that I haven't reading Nowhere but Here yet, but I'm sure I'm going to love it. Actually, I love Pushing the Limit series.

Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway Smile

I haven't read 'Nowhere but here' yet but one of my favourite books is Pushing the Limits. I HAVE YET TO READ BREAKING THE RULES!! Crying. Echo x Noah ?

South Africa Sue @ Crushingcinders says:

I loved Emily, I took a while to warm up to Oz. I think no one has quite lived up to Echo, my favourite character Smile

Ooo im so excited when these things happen!!! I cant wait for razors story!¡!¡

Canada Jessi Elliott says:

My favourite book is Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover!
I am so excited to read Nowhere But Here!

United States Samantha Charrette says:

My favorite characters in Nowhere But Here are definitely Eli and Oz!

United States Amber Schwartz says:

Thank you for the chance Katie! I love all your books, Oz and Isiah are two of my favorite characters of your books!

My most favourite character from Nowhere but here is definitely Oz because of his loyalty and courage and determination to fight for what he believes in. But Emily`s biker biological father is also a great character that definitely needs a story. I hope we will get it one day. Please, Katie?Smile

United States Jenni Fogle says:

I'm really excited to see what happens with Razor. Right now, I'm planning for him to be my fave. Fingers crossed.

Haven't read Nowhere But Here. I loved Pushing the Limits. Noah is my favorite. Smile

I read pushing the limit and have heard nothing but great things about her Katies books. I would to read all of her books and this giveaway is absolutely awesome. I love when authors do things to show love to their readers. Its lets us know that they love and appreciate us as much as we do them.

I have not read Nowhere But Here yet, but my favorite book is Candylicker by Noire and The Passage by Justin Cronin.

Eli is my favorite. I would really really love for him to have his own story and happy ending.

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan is one of my favorite books!

I haven't read your Nowhere But Here series yet but my fav book from you is Dare You To!! I love, love, loveeee Ryan and Beth <3

Brazil Mirela Motta says:

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet, but my favorite book of yours is Crash In To You.

It's really tempting to go with Oz or Razor because they are straight ????. But I'm going to pick Violet, because there is something about her that is intriguing and I would love to have a story just about her. Smile

Canada Brenda Parsons says:

Oz! Sigh* I was swooning for Oz from the moment we first met him.
I cannot wait for Walk the Edge.

United States Emily Edwards says:

Of course Emily is my favorite character because we share the same name lol but for real I really love her as a character!

United States Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover says:

I haven't read your newest series yet, and that absolutely breaks my heart, because I'm obsessed with your books. I loveloveloveeee Pushing the Limits and Crash Into You, especially. Thank you for his incredible giveaway!

I love the grandma in Nowhere but here, she's a badass and rock it like no one ever could ha ha

United States Jabberwocky says:

My current favorite read is actually a bit darker than my usual; Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters. That book made me both love and hate it, so I suppose that's why it's branded in my mind as a favorite...

United Kingdom Rosie Dunningham says:

I've never read this series but I've had it on my 'to be read' list for so long! My favourite book is Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld Smile it takes me back to being a teenager so I read it every couple of years for the nostalgic feeling Smile Wonderful giveaway! Keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed for this xxx

well... olivia,emily's grandmother! who fakes his own funeral and actually pretend to be dead? she's a boss! Smile( obviously she had good reasons, but still...)

Canada Brenda Parsons says:

I'm 99% sure I entered everything right. I couldn't follow on instragram because I don't have it.
Thanks again.

Can't pick a favourite character. They all have reason to be loved! <3 ^.^

I think Oz was my favorite character in Nowhere but Here. There are a lot of great characters in the new series. I still love a lot of the Pushing the Limit characters. I adore Isaiah.

United States Jenna Johnson says:

Ah I'm so excited about this!!

Oz is by far my favorite character from Nowhere but here!!

Love Oz and Emily equally, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love Razor even more.
Thanks for an amazing giveaway! Smile

United Kingdom Natalie Walker says:

I've read nowhere but here recently and absolutely loved it, i could hardly put my kindle down! my firm favorite will always be pushing the limits when it comes to this author as i fell in love with the well depicted characters of Echo and Noah.

My favorite character from Nowhere But Here is Oz, because he is a little bit of everything.

Has to be Oz!  Hands down!

I haven't read NOWHERE BUT HERE yet but my fav book out of the PTL series is a tie between Pushing the Limits (bc it's the first book I fell in love with) and Dare You To!

Portugal Ana Rita Pereira Martinho says:

I haven't read Nowhere but here Frown my favorite so far is Pushing the Limits, Echo and Noah <3

United States Emily Hughes says:

I absolutely loved Nowhere But Here but I haven't gotten a chance to read Katie's other books

United States Alexis Gonzales says:

I love Pushing the Limits Smile

United States Alexis Gonzales says:

I love Pushing The Limits. Laughing

United States Tatiana Sanchez says:

My favorite character from Nowhere But Here is Eli. I felt he sacrificed the most. Also he was so loyal towards Emily and her mom. I wish you would write a book about him finding love. I would buy that book for sure.

Philippines Maria Theresa Santos says:

Making Faces by Amy Harmon

United States Crystal Wilkins says:

I've not read Nowhere But Here, yet, but my favorite book by you is Pushing the Limits. Loved it!!

United States Carrigan Ricards says:

I haven't read Nowhere But Here, but I loved Pushing the Limits!

So so looking forward to Walk the Edge!

Australia Tia Large says:

Favourite book ever has to be Animal Farm by George Orwell

So, I registered on Pinterest today to increase my chance to win the books. I don`t have and probably never will facebook so I hope it won`t be a big disadvantage.
To answer the question about my favourite character from Nowhere but here, it`s definitely Oz. I love his personality, how attached he`s to his family and how he dedicates all his time to his community. On the other hand, I`m really intrigued by Emily`s father and would definitely love to read his story. What do you say, Katie?

United States Karen Maldonado says:

I've actually mentioned it a lot on Facebook. I LOVE ELI. I like OZ, but ELI just stole my heart. I feel like I am going to fall for Razor as well.

My favorite character is Olivia. I love her humor. She is hilarious. I also really like Oz. Smile

United Kingdom Dani Foster says:

I think my favourite character is Oz - I love his name and how badass he is! Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the Pushing the Limits series so much, can't wait to read more by Katie!

United States Diana Doan says:

I haven't read it yet, but I loved your Pushing the Limits series!

Haven`t read the series yet. My favorite book is Revved by Samantha Towle

Argentina Agustina Z says:

I haven't read Nowhere But Here yet, but my favorite book is Pushing the Limits. I love Noah!
Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

Thank you so much for the giveaway! Sadly, I haven't gotten to read the series yet. However, my favorite book is Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton!

My favourite character would have to be Oz! And Isaiah. LOVE LOVE LOVE Isaiah

United States Madison W F says:

Congrats. New book looks good. Thanks for he contest.

There are more books that I really love but if I have to choose my absolute favourites - it's your book "Dare You To" and "Anna and the French Kiss" by Stephanie Perkins Smile

I haven't read the book yet, but I can't wait to. And there's no way I can pick just one favorite book. I'm a sucker for pretty much any YA contemporary romance though! Smile

Hungary Veronika P. says:

Thanks for this amazing giveaway! My favorite character from Nowhere But Here is Oz (of course ;)).

I've read and fallen in love with the Pushing The Limits series!! Still haven't have the chance to read Walk On The Edge but I would love to win this giveaway! I'm a sucker for love! Laughing

I love giveaways!

United States Jennifer Taylor says:

I haven't read the series yet. My favorite book is Twilight.

United States Alexandra steel says:

Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

United Kingdom Rachel Doherty says:

I've read three of your books now - Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, and Nowhere But Here, and I still thinking Pushing the Limits is my fave, because Noah <3 R xx

United States Taylor Barger says:


United States Taylor Barger says:


Portugal Bárbara Moura says:

I haven't read the series, I'd really love to!

So many books to choose from... From the one's I've read this year, I'd have to say "Half Bad", the second book in Sally Green's Half Life trilogy Smile

This would be awesome! thanks for the chance

My favorite from your books is Pushing The Limits, I love how Noah and Echo's relationship develops, so cute <3 And my favorite book in general could be Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, it's really beautiful <3

Heeeeey! Thanks for the chance to enter this amazing contest giveaway. I have not had the chance to read Nowhere but Here, but I will be reading it really soon.. Laughing

I loved Emily and Oz. They were ADORABLE. I couldn't get enough of their book. As soon as I finished I wanted to start over immediately. This was also my first book by you, definitely won't be my last <3

United States Kristy Petree says:

I haven't read your series yet (sorry).  Some of my favorite books are Twilight, The Fault in our Stars, and Pride and Prejudice.  Thanks!

Argentina Su Ah Lee says:

I can't wait to read Walk the Edge!! Thank you so much for this giveaway! Laughing

Argentina Su Ah Lee says:

And forgot to add, my favorite character is Oz!

Noah is my all time Fav character

Ireland Gráinne Hamill says:


Oz for the win!

I have had a physical copy of Nowhere But Here since BEA (May), but I am so slow to read physical books. I did recently buy an eBook, and it's on my short list. I love Katie McGarry and read the Pushing the Limits series. I ended up sitting at a table at UtopYA in June and she is so nice.

Razor was my favourite!

Thanks for writing great books, and hosting phenomenal giveaways! Smile

I don't really have a favorite book but my favorite genre is New Adult or Adult and sometimes a little YA.

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