Teaser Tuesday

December 21, 2016 at 12:29 AMKatie McGarry
Hi everyone!
Teaser Tuesday!
The following is a tidbit from one of the bonus scenes you'll receive if you register your preorder of Long Way Home! 
The smoke alarm goes off, and I curse under my breath. I turn away from the pancakes cooking on the electric griddle on the island, and my eyes burn from the smoke rising from the beginning grease fire. I snatch the handle of the pan, and another curse word Rachel has begged me not to say in the house falls from my mouth as I burn the hell out of my hand. I drop the pan, grab a towel, and push the same pan full of bacon off the burner.  A few slaps of the towel on the stove top and the fire is extinguished.
A squeal from upstairs causes me to lower my head. Rachel is going to kill me.
“Fire!” my five-year-old daughter yells. “We have to run! Stop! Drop! And Roll!”
Getting Ariel to stay still long enough to get her hair brushed on a normal day is like herding stray cats who have rabies. The fire alarm going off is only going to make life for my beautiful wife more complicated.
I head over to the fire alarm, reach up and push the button. The ear-piercing beeping ends and in its place are Ariel’s complaints that having her hair brushed is killing her. No kidding here—she makes moaning noises and declares she’s about to die. The edges of my mouth tilt up as Rachel says, “You’ll live.”

    Patient. Rachel is always patient. Not a day goes by I don’t count my blessings that she and Ariel are in my life.

 For more details of how to register your pre-order of Long Way Home to receive the bonus scenes, go here.

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